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Midnight Movie Review: Summer 2012 Preview

I love movies. More importantly, I love seeing movies before almost everyone else. Certain movies will get me to the theater at midnight, so I figured I’d see them first and write a review the next day so you can get a real review from someone that isn’t a Hollywood hack.

In this installment… Summer 2012 Preview.

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Ebaying At the Moon: Thanks for the Memorabilia

To think, ’tis only May 1, and America’s favorite space-grifter and her most beloved hater of colleges have packed up and left the deranged playground that was the 2012 GOP presidential primary. Now that the least heinous most likable 1%er of the crop has been chosen, the side show collection of contenders will slowly slide back into the murky depths of K-street lobbying firms and Heritage Foundation-like ‘think-tanks’. Continue reading

FBI Arrests Five Plotting to Blow-up a Bridge Near* Cleveland

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, among other outlets, has the story of five young men who were arrested for plotting to blow up a commuter bridge near Brecksville, OH, roughly 15 miles south of Cleveland city center. Unsurprisingly, the lead paragraph conflates the planned act of terrorism with the May Day protests set up around the country (including in Public Square in Cleveland).  Continue reading

QOTD: Is There a Name Worse Than Nimrod?

When I was pregnant and people asked me what we were going to name the baby, we used to say “Nimrod Funk.”

We got the name from my husband’s family tree. There was an actual Nimrod Funk in his family. For some unknown reason, the name was not handed down. But when people asked, we’d persist with “Nimrod”. After all, it’s a biblical name and it’s his heritage. How can that be the wrong choice? Continue reading