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QOTD: Tell Us About the Best Mixed Drink You Ever Had, and Where It Was

‘Mixed drink’ because the word ‘cocktail’ sounds like it’s talking about sex, not drinks. Its etymology doesn’t help much. The word used to be an adjective describing a horse with a docked tail, and how it got to mean a mixed drink has something tenuous to do with adulterated spirits. There’s another story that they were named for egg-cups, the French word for which is ‘coquetier’. You choose. Continue reading

QOTD: What’s Your Favourite Font?

BookmanSpecDifferent fonts for different applications, of course. But my favourite sort of signature font, the one my emails go out in, is Bookman Old Style. It’s very elegant, plus, duh, bookman.

When I had my bookstore I had a lot of fun making signs for this and that. A favourite theme, not that original, I know, was to repeat the same line (SALE ON KIDBOOKS, for example) several times, one below the other, each time in a different font. For a sign for an actual sale of children’s books each line would probably be in a different primary colour. Hell on ink cartridges, but eye-catching, which is the main intent. Continue reading

QOTD: Mouthwatering Sandwiches

Or, the not so humble sandwich. I have here on my plate a sandwich of roast beef, cambozola cheese and arugula, on potato bread. A moment of reverence for this divine combination, please.

In the image you see the Vietnamese classic, a banh mi. Variations abound, but start with a good crusty French roll (Vietnam was colonised by the French for awhile, and has glorious bread). Then you’ll want mayonnaise, soy sauce, sliced meat, sliced cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno slices. Maybe some daikon, pickled vegetables, sliced onion. Leaves of whatever lettuce you have handy. You get the picture. Eat it with a Vietnamese beer – the county was also colonised by the Germans for a period. Continue reading