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The Rundown – NFL Week 13

TrophyFor the last quarter of the season The Rundown will be switching to Sunday mornings in a blatant attempt to spur conversation. I’ll be doing a preview of some of the most important match ups of the week instead of doing a review of the previous week’s action. See what I did there? I added a “p”. Mr. and Mrs. Ross are still making picks and while Thursday’s wasn’t posted you will have to take my word for it we both picked the Broncos. Anyway, on to The Rundown. Continue reading

The Walking Dead MidSeason Finale Recap: Keep Your Friends Close…

So we reach the midseason finale of a show that has worked extremely hard to shake off the cobwebs of its second season which saw most everything drag to an abrupt halt where there was even a question of the show’s survival if it didn’t improve. What’s made the first half of the third season remarkable is the almost new found focus and energy the show’s found by sloughing off most of the trappings of the second season and putting forth a reinvigorated showing to add more balance to the middling product. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Recap: Suffer Thy Children

The Walking Dead is currently living up to be just what we wanted from a television show that began strong as an almost segmented feature film. Nevermind that little deviation we took last season onto the farm-of-existential delirium, this season is all about the visceral nature of survival and the ability to make decisions for the greater good, and for the greater gore. Continue reading