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QOTD: Which Big Movies Have You Not Seen?

Hey, this is Crasstalk’s 8000th post!

Dogs hasn’t seen Frozen. Haysi hasn’t seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any of the Toy Story films except the original, nor Godfather III. I’ve definitely not seen Robot Punch Monster, but at least I’m not alone there. What are some of the cinematic hits or cultural touchstones that “everyone” has seen except you? Continue reading

Not-So-Fantastic Four – What’s Next For Marvel’s First Family?

Fox’s Fantastic Four hit theaters last Friday and promptly fell apart. After being savaged by reviewers prior to release, Fox somehow managed to alienate comic book geeks, casual moviegoers, and the director, leading to a stunning weekend take far below expectations.

With the prospect of a sequel or shared universe now almost officially dead, what’s next for Marvel’s First Family? Continue reading

The Hollywood Caller: The Trumpening Has Begun

the_trumpening A massive combover landed in Cleveland and threw itself into the eyeballs of the American people; HBO to forget about George R.R. Martin completely; the Pope asks if Hollywood really likes him; Adam Sandler is his own best friend; Michael Bay screams “Benghazi!” into a wind tunnel; True Detective “mehs” us to death; MSNBC is now a rehab clinic for unsuitable anchors; and Ryan Seacrest loses one of his forty-nine jobs.

So how did the Trumpening go last night? Basically it was like watching a bunch of ludicrous dancing laser lights being chased by one insane cat. That cat is Donald Trump, who just doesn’t give a fack. In the most not givingiest of a fack way possible. Continue reading