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Ebaying At the Moon: Thanks for the Memorabilia

To think, ’tis only May 1, and America’s favorite space-grifter and her most beloved hater of colleges have packed up and left the deranged playground that was the 2012 GOP presidential primary. Now that the least heinous most likable 1%er of the crop has been chosen, the side show collection of contenders will slowly slide back into the murky depths of K-street lobbying firms and Heritage Foundation-like ‘think-tanks’. Continue reading

Sarah Palin Maybe Thinks About Endorsing Someone

Sarah Palin the queen of infuriating coy wordplay wanted to wring out the announcement of who she voted for in last night’s Alaska caucus until the very last dregs of relevancy could be gleaned. Which means until everyone interested, Fox News, CNN, practically threw up their hands and said, “Look, tell us, or we’re shutting off your mic.” Continue reading

Sarah Palin Discusses the State of Chris Christie’s Panties

Do you think she just sits home and waits for the best time to emerge from an entombed sarcophagus like some sort of be-fouled, hair demon, so she can burble all her stupid mouth dribbles into the ear holes of the ridiculous Right while they sop up every harebrained comment and show it off to all their friends like the “Thanks for playing!” trophy all players get for their little league participation? Yes, yes, this is probably exactly what happens. Who knew she also watches Meet the Press? Continue reading

Coming Attractions: Sarah Palin Reports Her Body Stolen; Julianne Moore Wears it to a Few Parties in Game Change

Let’s switch it up shall we? Are you at all curious about what in hell’s doom led John McCain to pluck some Alaskan simpleton from relative obscurity, dress her up, feed her ego, and basically let her become the Zapf dingbats with a hair bump campaign grenade that she morphed into to his utter monstrous ball-shrinking detriment? Yes, well, Game Change would like you to witness the carnage. Continue reading

Sarah Palin, Cocaine-Snorting, Basketball Star-Cavorting Adulteress?

Is it possible to believe that Sarah “Mama Grizzly” Palin could have dabbled in hard drugs, had at least one extramarital affair, and at one time reveled in a real “fetish” for black men? Well, no, it’s not impossible to believe. Will the release of a new tell-all book claiming all of the above make anyone feel differently about the former governor and vice president candidate? Continue reading

Despite Best Efforts Palin Plays Coy Uselessly

Are we all naive enough to believe that Palin doesn’t think that she’ll be the Republican white night riding in at the last minute to save the day? I think we’re fairly certain that Sarah Palin believes that all these other jokers littering up the field are just there to be her opening act, and that once all the squabbling begins and the race just looks like a bunch of loons held together by Mittens Romneypants and Michele BachmannGooglyEyes (slavery endorser) the Zeus and Hera of all stupid things, this is when she’ll emerge like a Bumpit-haired buzzard dressed in a Starfleet jacket waiting to pick the bones of the GOP carcass. We do think this will happen despite her latest interview in Newsweek magazine don’t we?

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Sarah Palin Writes Like an 8th Grader and Why This Isn’t as Funny as it Sounds

I’m not poring over all 24,000 Sarah Palin emails. That’s just lunacy. Especially since the political wonder team of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore think it’s a repulsive thing to do, because if you can’t use Kutcher and Moore as a barometer then you’re just doomed. But one thing that caught my eye is what’s been reported about her writing ability. You would think that the same person who wrote speaking notes on her palm and who has a habit of saying the equivalent of monkey-speech after being hit in the head with a log, could barely pick up a pen without becoming confused – But you would be wrong, so very wrong.

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