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Traveling the Entire Pan-American Highway by Bus

securedownload-1Since 2007, I have been traveling the length of the Western Hemisphere, incrementally, by bus. The trips have, for the most part, followed the Pan-American Highway, which stretches from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, next to the Arctic Ocean, down to Ushuaia, Argentina, in Tierra del Fuego. I am 90% done, having held out Colombia until the peace process with the FARC rebels is a done deal. Here, I will share pictures from this journey, from north to south. Enjoy. Continue reading

Are You An Annoying Airline Passenger?

Expedia, everyone’s favorite booking hospice for the travel disabled, has decided that you people are annoying travelers. Well, not all of you people, just some of you who were obviously raised in a barn, or were treated like super special cronuts of light and joy. Yes, you led Expedia to commission research to find out which of you is the worst kind of flier out there. Find out if you’re on the list. Continue reading

What the U.S. Embassy Cannot Provide You

I have watched a lot of movies where Americans visit in a foreign country, run into serious trouble, and inevitably go to the American Embassy for help. Usually these are in war or action movies where people fear for their lives, but even so, such movies have I think, instilled in my imagination an unrealistic picture of what an embassy, and particularly the American Embassy can and can’t do. A recent (actually on going) experience in a foreign country, lets call it Bangladesh Pleasantville, made me realize how truly naive I am about how helpful the embassy would or could be for its citizens (well in my case I am a permanent resident with an American family). Continue reading