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GOP Debate Live Blog Hellfest: Debatepocalyse Now

debatepocalypse-16R-2aThe hucksters, has-beens, never-was-es, and other assorted homunculi who make up the GOP presidential primary circus are gathering tonight in Las Vegas for another debate. Which of the tiny people will dare assault towering front-runner/cartoon villain Donald Trump? Buttery-soft Canadian Ted Cruz? Empty JC Penney’s Boy’s Collection suit and part-time senator Marco Rubio? What about fading shell-of-a-man John Ellis Bush? Will he land any blows with his soft little aristocratic fists? Oh, and the fat dude, the crazy doctor, and the mean lady will also be there. Join as we gaze in wonder at the whackadoodle spewing from their pie holes! You can enjoy the horror show here at CNN at 8:30 PM.

6 Things That Are Harder to Get Than a Gun

lunapic_136657095322986_2As we all know by now, last week the U.S. Senate, in spectacular, lily-livered fashion, caved to the NRA, voting down even the weakest, most watered down version of a gun control bill. After the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, which so many people claimed “changed everything”, nothing, in fact, has changed at all. Forget an assault weapons ban, forget bans on high capacity magazines; we can’t even ask gun buyers to submit to a simple background check at a gun show. And, since, according to Mother Jones, “around 40% of all legal gun sales involve private sellers and don’t require background checks” that’s a lot of buyers and a lot of guns. Continue reading

Crasstalk’s Worst Internet Commenters Tournament 2013

Welcome weary citizens of the Internet! We all know how soul-sucking internet comments can be. Racism, stupidity, and harsh judgements abound. The grammar is enough to make any intelligent person cry. However, not all awfulness is created equal. Some sites have comments that sink to a special level appalling and we here at Crasstalk are ready to determine just who really is the worst of the worst. Continue reading

A Recap of the Most Appalling Reactions to the 2012 Democratic National Convention

A very special thanks to Sootcha for all the painful research assistance for this post.

Well it has been an exciting couple of weeks. First the GOP took over Tampa and presumably cemented the exotic dancer vote for the Democrats, then the godless, blue-state sodomites brought there sinful ways to Charlotte. Once again, America weeps. Anyhoo, nothing brings brings the frothy rage of a wingnut up like liberals having a good time. Here is a collection of some of this week’s most regrettable reactions to the 2012 DNC.   Continue reading

When Toilet Paper and Social Media Collide

Charmin toilet paper has recently ramped up their advertising in an attempt to either sell more toilet paper or completely freak out the public. Charmin has a history of unusual advertising. Their most famous ad campaign featured people who stalked grocery stores to furtively squeeze toilet paper.

Advertising toilet paper is a tricky business. You want people to be aware of your product without thinking too much about it. They should associate your product with cleanliness. You don’t want them concentrating too much on why they need toilet paper. This will only lead to unpleasant images associating with the product. Continue reading