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QOTD: Tell Us Your Bizarre People-At-Work Stories

I had a conversation with a few people last week about “bizarre people at work” situations. These are the best stories on earth because they are cathartic for everyone involved. We get to tell our whacko stories about lazy, strange, rude, incompetent, evil or just plain confusing. We get to read other people’s stories and discover that we are not alone – others are surrounded by the crazy. Continue reading

The OJ Simpson Miniseries

Clear your calendars because The People vs. OJ Simpson miniseries will be premiering on FXNOW tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2nd. Episodes will be available online beginning on February 3rd in case you don’t prioritize appropriately. The network is going for a crime version of American Horror Story. They will cover a real-life crime over ten episodes. This time, we get OJ.  Continue reading

Legislator Advises Teachers to Get Second Jobs

Teachers get the short end of the stick. Their pay is terrible, the bureaucracy they work with can be overbearing and many of them have to deal with the modern terror of the helicopter parent. This is, of course, on top of difficult children, state testing and the constantly moving targets that are education initiatives. But, they can always count on politicians to be on their sides, right? Continue reading

Victorian Sarah Chrisman: 14 Reasons Her Husband Gabriel Should Be Launched into the Sun

I have so many things to say about Sarah Chrisman’s book, Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present, and Myself. I have serious, non-snarky things to say that concern Sarah and the corset. I worry about her body image and how she approaches the corset as a solution to a life-long struggle with what she perceives as a serious weight problem.

However, I cannot go further without addressing her husband Gabriel. Much like this writer, I have developed strong feelings about Gabriel and they are not positive. I must share them and get them out of my system. Continue reading

Victorian Sarah Chrisman: Living La Vida Corset Part 1

You may remember Sarah Chrisman from her column on Vox last week about her quest to live an authentic Victorian lifestyle. Because I am attracted to all things bizarre, I immediately stalked her website and found out that she’s written three books. I checked out book “Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, the Present and Myself.” Continue reading

Is a Duggar Girl About to Be Released into the Wild?

If you’ve watched 19 Kids and Counting over the past several years, you’ve probably noticed there are several daughters that are in the midst of the fundamentalist marrying years. Some are even getting a bit on the old side, frankly. I hear rumors that Jana is 24 and she’s going to have to concentrate hard on breeding to get a mere 12 children. She’ll never catch up to her mom’s 19 children. The daughters are busy raising the younger children so mom and dad can go on speaking tours around the country so they’re plenty busy, but what about the girls’ uteruses (uteri?) Continue reading