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Maybe Gun Control Isn’t Enough

Even as it seems like we as a nation can’t go more than two days without a mass shooting, I’ve tried to be sensitive to the rights of firearms owners and the arguments that come along with gun ownership. After all, I have family members and friends who own guns. By and large, I consider them to be on the responsible end of the spectrum. Still, even the mass execution of kindergartners couldn’t move these people off their ‘right’ to their guns.

Something about Wednesday’s events in San Bernardino flipped a switch for me on this, though. Continue reading

The Wholly Unsatisfying Ending to How I Met Your Mother

799px-How_I_Met_Your_Mother_cast_(cropped)Confession: I was one of the brave souls (suckers?) who watched How I Met Your Mother nearly all the way through its 9 season run. Admittedly, there were times during the near train-wreck Season 8 and again during the Season 9’s longest-wedding-weekend-ever storyline that I sincerely considered cutting bait.

Yet, like a committed partner in a yo-yo relationship, I stayed right through Monday’s much-beloved/much-hated finale, and have spent the last day-and-a-half trying to figure out what I actually think about the way Craig Thomas and Carter Bays ultimately decided to end the series.

A few thoughts: Continue reading

Retro Liveblog: Joe Scarborough Whines About The President’s Taxes

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Today on Joe Scarborough’s Beltway Circlejerk, our intrepid host had himself quite a fit about the President’s 2012 taxes. Personally, I found it rather sad, but also rife with opportunities to make jokes about Joe Scarborough & Friends relative lack of understanding of the world outside of the $750-a-plate brunch crowd. To that end, let’s have a little liveblog fun- Continue reading

If Progressive Caucus’ ‘Back to Work Budget’ Gets Ignored, Does it Even Exist?

While my NPR station was blathering on about fake Serious Person Paul Ryan and his masturbatory homage to Ayn Rand and the slightly more realistic budget coming from Sen. Patty Murray and Senate Democrats, the House Progressive Caucus quietly (in media terms) released its Back to Work Budget this week.

Contained within is a whole host of liberal red meat: Tax increases on the wealthy! Infrastructure investments! Investment income taxed like wage income! Initiatives to target climate change! It also has a healthy dose of unintended irony.

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Horrible Bosses: Marissa Mayer’s Ban on Telecommuting at Yahoo Won’t Work

Certainly, not-so-new Yahoo! chief Marissa Mayer is no stranger to popping up in the headlines. She made a name for herself in the tech world as Employee #20 at Google, then grabbed a lot of attention for her Killers-headlined wedding.

The move Mayer, who has been CEO at Yahoo! for less than a year now, made Friday to ban telecommuting at the old (in Internet years) web giant is the latest attention getter for the first-time CEO. And it’s a move that seems likely to ultimately backfire.  Continue reading