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Christopher Walken Reacts to the Raving Antics of 2nd Amendment-ist, Alex Jones’ Last 24hrs


Apparently flying spittle is all the rage in certain gun nut circles. First Wayne LaPierre goes on Meet the Press with barely contained flecks of doom-dribble eeking out from the corner of his lips. And now, ranting shower head, Alex Jones, spit-flings an entire rage diatribe at CNN host Piers Morgan. He then follows it up with another batcrazed rant for his YouTube followers. Let’s take a look at some of the most insane parts of Jones’ commentary. We’ll also employ the help of the Christopher Walken Rage Response Meter. Walken is a longtime hater of guns. Continue reading

Republican Debate Live Blog: The Decline of Western Civilization

Welcome to another Republican Debate live blog! Tonight we are in Tampa, FL an appropriately crazy place for some crazy candidates. Tonight’s debate is cosponsored by CNN and The Tea Party Express. I guess the Tea Party is not as averse to The Lamestream Media as they pretend to be. Maybe they just wanted a little attention. Continue reading

Wednesday Morning Headlines

President Barack Obama concluded his three-day bus tour yesterday and give this interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.  The set is supposed to be some kind of machine shop with an American flag on the wall. Also, when the camera is on Obama there are various tools and pieces of equipment associated with general manufacturing and industrial jobs. They really are trying to convince us that Obama is very serious about jobs. Look he even did an interview in a machine shop!

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Calm The F&*# Down

I was wondering what would annoy me enough to rouse me out of my summer funk. And lo and behold, Karen Spears Zacharia, writing for CNN, managed to do it with by whining about the farcical parenting book Go The Fuck to Sleep. She, and some of the commenters at CNN, find no humor whatsoever in a book that makes light of a daily battle for parents of small children. Continue reading