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Maybe Gun Control Isn’t Enough

Even as it seems like we as a nation can’t go more than two days without a mass shooting, I’ve tried to be sensitive to the rights of firearms owners and the arguments that come along with gun ownership. After all, I have family members and friends who own guns. By and large, I consider them to be on the responsible end of the spectrum. Still, even the mass execution of kindergartners couldn’t move these people off their ‘right’ to their guns.

Something about Wednesday’s events in San Bernardino flipped a switch for me on this, though. Continue reading

6 Things That Are Harder to Get Than a Gun

lunapic_136657095322986_2As we all know by now, last week the U.S. Senate, in spectacular, lily-livered fashion, caved to the NRA, voting down even the weakest, most watered down version of a gun control bill. After the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, which so many people claimed “changed everything”, nothing, in fact, has changed at all. Forget an assault weapons ban, forget bans on high capacity magazines; we can’t even ask gun buyers to submit to a simple background check at a gun show. And, since, according to Mother Jones, “around 40% of all legal gun sales involve private sellers and don’t require background checks” that’s a lot of buyers and a lot of guns. Continue reading

This Week in Gun Deaths

It was only a month ago that 26 members of the Sandy Point Elementary School were brutally gunned down at their school. On Wednesday, President Obama announced his legislative agenda to address gun violence. The reaction from the NRA and gun rights extremists was swift and predictable, and pundits predict the President will have a difficult time getting support in Congress. As the nation wrestles with questions about gun rights versus public safety, people continue to die from gun violence. As of January 16th, 926 people have died since the teachers and children in Newtown were killed. Continue reading

Christopher Walken Reacts to the Raving Antics of 2nd Amendment-ist, Alex Jones’ Last 24hrs


Apparently flying spittle is all the rage in certain gun nut circles. First Wayne LaPierre goes on Meet the Press with barely contained flecks of doom-dribble eeking out from the corner of his lips. And now, ranting shower head, Alex Jones, spit-flings an entire rage diatribe at CNN host Piers Morgan. He then follows it up with another batcrazed rant for his YouTube followers. Let’s take a look at some of the most insane parts of Jones’ commentary. We’ll also employ the help of the Christopher Walken Rage Response Meter. Walken is a longtime hater of guns. Continue reading

The NRA’s New Plan Aims To Arm Volunteers And Put Them In Schools


What could be considered one of the most batshit crazy pressers this blogger has ever endured, began with hollow recognition of the carnage that unfolded a week ago today at Sandy Hook elementary and the supposed respectful silence the NRA showcased in its aftermath, and ended with a plan that would see everyone from police, to firemen, and somewhat shockingly, armed patriotic “volunteers,” patrolling America’s schools.

The NRA is an insane organization. Continue reading

Teen Mom Got A Gun

Let’s say, you’re a young mother with a three month old baby, living in a trailer in Oklahoma. Also, your husband was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and he died on Christmas Day.

A few days later, you’re grieving because you just put your husband in the ground. It’s pitch black outside since the sun goes down so early in the day, and suddenly a man named Justin Martin drops by, claiming that he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello. You don’t know who he is, it’s pitch black outside, you’re alone with the baby, so you don’t open the door. Continue reading