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Why Does Russia Support Syria?

Earlier this week news reports broke that Putin’s Russia had upped the ante from merely enabling the carnage in Syria through cynical obstruction to actively aiding it as a Marine squad of Russian “anti-terror troops”  arrived at Tartus, home to Russia’s only remaining foreign naval base. The news should not come as a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention, given that independent Russian journalists on the ground have now for some time been reporting that groups associated with Russian special forces have been operating in the country as “volunteers” in support of the Assad regime, and the fact that Russia’s defense minister has even acknowledged the presence of “military and technical advisors.” Continue reading

Wednesday Morning Headlines

President Barack Obama concluded his three-day bus tour yesterday and give this interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.  The set is supposed to be some kind of machine shop with an American flag on the wall. Also, when the camera is on Obama there are various tools and pieces of equipment associated with general manufacturing and industrial jobs. They really are trying to convince us that Obama is very serious about jobs. Look he even did an interview in a machine shop!

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Monday Morning Headlines

Those riots in London are still being milked for front page stuff today, according to the BBC. What were they even rioting about? Okay, it seems as though the police have killed someone and a protest over said death got out of hand, that’s why. But I also  think that rioting has become sort of mainstream, it’s kind of just acceptable to riot sometimes now. Everyone’s doing it! It’s an internet sensation like planking except it has horrendously destructive and violent consequences in real life, which is pretty uncool so if you’re going to go crazy and burn something let it be the sweet Mary Jane brothers and sisters, amen. Gather round and get your headlines inside.  Continue reading

Friday Morning Headlines

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is probably the weirdest name for a newspaper I’ve ever heard but It sounds weirdly relevant to today’s world, which often seems “post-intelligent.” Take Rebekah Brooks, for example, the News International CEO who did some pretty stupid things and resigned today over her involvement of the ever worsening News of the World telephonic ethics scandal. More headlines inside!


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