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Would Snack-Shaming Make You Stop Eating Snacks in Public?

Snack-Shaming. It’s now a thing. How would you feel if whenever you went to your company vending machine and made a purchase the vending machine, yes, the vending machine, launched a tweet from its own Twitter account to all your co-workers that said, “Todd just bought a Snickers from the vending machine.”

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Christmas Cats TV Is the Best Thing on the Internet

xmascatstvEight cats, one saucy grandma and one elf. That is the formula for internet magic. Christmas Cats TV is the magical cat nip that brings all the cat ladies to the yard.

Here’s how it works, you tweet them things @ChristmasCatsTV and then they do them.

The cats are also up for adoption, because why else would they be pimping them online? The cats all live at Howard Stern‘s favorite charity, North Shore Animal League.

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Why Cher is the best “Nona” Ever


Cher, age 67, sat down with USA Today to discuss her new album, touring again, making music with Lady Gaga, what she thought about a young upstart named Madonna once upon a time, and what it’s like being in an industry overrun with twenty year olds. You can just guess how pleased she is about that. Much of her thoughts are priceless. Here are the best ones. Continue reading

If You Only Follow One Person on Twitter it Should be Chelsea Peretti

ChelsePerettiI’ve accidentally seen Chelsea Peretti do stand up twice. Once she opened for Sarah Silverman and once for Aziz Ansari. Both times she was great, a good performer and a great laughs. But it wasn’t until I started to follow her on Twitter that I realized just how awesome she is. Allow me to enlighten you as to why you should get to know Chelsea Peretti a little bit better. Continue reading

Hey Kids! Stop Cutting Yourselves Over Justin Bieber!


We’re gonna talk about this little bit of insanity for a second, ok, kids? Ok. In the vein of the old mantra, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” the weirdo troll monsters, 4Chan /b/ (whatever), spent the better part of yesterday calling for Operation Cut For Bieber. This appeared to be some sort of bullshit movement hoping to get young people to self-mutilate as part of an asscrappingly horrendous demonstration in protest of Bieber’s alleged habit of smoking “the good Lord’s ganja” — and it has all the markers of being one of the more heinous things we’ve witnessed with regard to social media and peer pressure. Continue reading

Lady-Person of “Binders Full of Women” Fame Tweets Like a Boss

During Tuesday’s much talked about Townhall debate, undecided voter Katherine Fenton asked a question about equal pay for women in the workplace. This complex, convoluted question forced Mitt Romney to accidentally reveal his secret binders full of women to the electorate. Unfair!

According to the bizarro rules of the conservative media world, the next logical step is to discredit the questioner by destroying that person publicly. After some flimsy attempts to connect her to Feminazism, the crack investigative team at the Washington Free Beacon studied Ms Fenton’s twitter account and discovered some damning information. Continue reading

Disgraced Rhode Island State Legislator Harnesses Power of the Internet to Act Like 14 Year Old Boy

Yesterday this writer was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from Rhode Island state legislator Dan Gordon (R-71) about the US House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Admittedly, I was cranky, and after a day of reading bad economic news I felt a little fed up with the GOP’s continued bitching about the health care bill when Americans need some real leadership. I shot back a cranky response.

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Sweden’s Twitter Shitshow

The government of Sweden has a Twitter account and every week they hand the keys over to a new citizen curator. On paper it sounds like a fantastic way to show the world the diversity of its society and to start conversations with people a government official wouldn’t appeal to. Unfortunately, this week’s ambassador has used Twitter to display a level of ignorance and anti-semitism that has shocked the international community and, in a much more difficult feat, the internet population at-large. Continue reading