Reince Priebus Didn’t Know His NBC, CNN Boycott Should Include Fox News

RNC Chair, and idiot logic-magician, Reince Priebus stumbled Sunday when finding out that his great big NBC and CNN debate boycott, due to their airing of movies based on Hillary Clinton, should really include joke warehouse and rage porn addicts, Fox News.

The New York Times reported, and CNN’s Candy Crowley reiterated in an interview with Priebus, that the television division of Fox is in talks to produce the NBC Hillary Clinton miniseries. Yes, that Fox. The company that also sponsors all of Fox News’ paranoia and egomania in the form of Sean Hannity Thunder-Tears i.e. the calling card of the GOP voting community.

Crowley asks, “If we follow your logic, do you think that there then is a connection to Fox News and would they be subject to the same kind of scrutiny?”

Haha! When confronted with the truth that the already ludicrous RNC boycott should really include Fox News, if not be minimally scrutinized by the RNC and its own silly humanoid GOP debate purifier himself, Priebus stumbled and bellowed about it being “stupid” in what can only be described as one of the most blistering depictions of self-deflection that we’ve ever heard. He then made a pivot worthy of the Sarah Palin Award of Excellence and said, “The big question for me, Candy, is number one, which company is putting it on the air?” he said. “Who is doing the work?”

The work of producing a movie about democratic warrior princess, Hillary “Athena of Olympus” Clinton sent to destroy sniveling little Republican Stooges? That would be Fox, you weirdo.

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