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The Lowdown on the Rocky Mountain High

MarijuanaAs a Colorado resident, I was fussing yesterday about all the news about recreational marijuana. It’s the only topic of conversation in this state. However, since we’re breaking new ground, there are a lot interesting facts.

The first is the issue is medical marijuana licenses versus recreational purchases. It’s been possible to get a medical marijuana license in Colorado for some time. The fee has dropped to $15 for the license. There is an additional cost for visiting a doctor that specializes in medical marijuana. Not all doctors do it because there is some liability involved. Still, there are many that will. Their fees tend to be around $100. Continue reading

Colorado Legislator Connects Fried Chicken to Black Race Demise, Old Stereotype Still Has Pulse

Oh, that’s just what we all need. A Republican (naturally) Colorado state senator who praises all that scrumptious, finger lickin good barbecue and chicken but only to the extent that it kills the black race. What a pity that all those dangblasted grease eaters are taken out by luscious, innocuous Hallelujah chicken that’s completely safe when put in the hands of white people! And if it isn’t the sickle-cell anemia and diaUHBEETUS sent to reduce the black race to rubble, just like racist spirit guide and bigoted butter-rich cage fighter, Paula Deen, would say, then apparently it’s the chicken. Continue reading

Terrible Decisions in Sid’s Life: We Could Stop in Reno on the Way!

I had a few friends who spent winters after college being ski bums at Breckinridge. One year, two college buddies and I, flush with Christmas cash, decided to visit them. But rather than just fly to Colorado, we chose to fly to San Francisco for a New Year’s Eve party first, then drive more than a third of the way across the country to ski.

The New Year’s party was an absolute shit-show. Actually, more of a puke-show. Continue reading

Colorado Wants to Force Dogs into Life Jackets


A draft rule has been introduced in Colorado that would force dogs to wear life jackets while at doggie day care and boarding facilities if the dog has access to water that’s deeper than the dog’s shoulders. To further complicate things the facility must also provide a life guard to be on duty when dogs are water are located in the same place at the same time. Continue reading

Frozen Dead Guy Days is the Weirdest Colorado Tradition You’ve Never Heard Of

Celebrating Frozen Dead Guys Days with a hearse parade

The great state of Colorado is known for a number of things: the Rocky Mountains, great skiing, beautiful vistas, the mile-high city of Denver. Every state has its own unique culture and flavor, and many people have a general sense of what Colorado has to offer.

However, there are a number of  lesser-known destinations and events of which the average tourist may be unaware. A visitor may enjoy any number of music, art, or cultural festivals throughout the year, but could easily miss out on a weekend festival  centered around a cryogenically-frozen Norwegian grandpa in a Tuff Shed.  Continue reading

Watch Monster Tajima Destroy Pikes Peak in Under 10 Minutes

Back in June the awesomely-nicknamed Japanese driver Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima became the first driver to ever run the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in under 10 minutes.

The hillclimb is amazingly simple: Try to haul your ass up to the Pikes Peak summit via the partially-paved road, and do it as fast as you can.

Monster broke the record in a 910 hp Suzuki SX4 and his sponsor GoPro, the makers of a line of tiny HD cameras, has put out this incredible video showing the entire run from just about every angle.