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I think I would like a bowl of that plomeek soup, thank you.

Share Your Holiday Recipes

worfsgiving2 The time of the foodening is at hand! Gorge on the flesh of big dumb birds! Eat weird crap your mom makes once a year! Pretend the pie your weird co-worker brings to the holiday potluck is not repulsive! If you have any good recipes, or cooking stories, share them. I’ll start us off with a cranberry bread recipe. Continue reading

Debatepocalypse II: The Monster Walks Among Us Liveblog

trumpenstein3The second presidential debate is upon us, as the ancient prophesy foretold. BEHOLD, THE MONSTER WALKS AMONG US! Will he be able to speak, and answer for his crimes? Or will he lash out, and throw Anderson Cooper into a pond? Watch and see!

Like the previous debates, it starts at 9:00 PM Eastern on ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, Univision, Telemundo, and C-SPAN. YouTube will be streaming it. Here is a guide to some of your viewing and streaming options . Continue reading

Mayonnaise Sandwich: Your Vice Presidential Debate Livemockery

kaine-pence-breadCome and watch America’s two whitest politicians whitesplain themselves to skeptical voters! See pale cartoon Racist Bannon listlessly defend his running mate! Watch Tim Kaine make Hillary Clinton almost charismatic! Curse our founding fathers for creating an office as dumb as the vice-presidency!

It starts at 9:00 PM Eastern on ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, Univision, Telemundo, and C-SPAN. YouTube will be streaming it. More details here. Continue reading

A Look Back at Star Trek

It’s been fifty years since Star Trek began its spectacular eleven-season run on NBC. In its heyday, it was one of the most-watched shows on television, and the final episode in 1977 had the highest ratings of any TV show except for the 1974 Beverly Hillbillies finale. Star Trek spawned two spin-off series and a movie, but since the 1970s, Star Trek’s popularity has waned, and it does not get the attention it deserves. Let’s look back at this science fiction icon. Continue reading

Clintpocalypse Now: Democratic National Convention Open Thread

DNC 1Come and watch the tire fire coronation of America’s second-most despised presidential candidate! Bathe in the warm soothing charisma of America’s newest heart throb, Tim Kaine! Get shouted at by an old man! Boo at something! It’s time for the Democratic National Convention. You can live stream the thing on C-Span here. It’s also on the you tubes if C-SPAN is too spicy for you. Democracy in action! God help us all.

Hillary Clinton speaks tonight some time after 10:00, if C-Span is to be believed.


trump=pence1Join us as we weep and rend our garments as the Party of Lincoln prepares to nominate a malevolent cartoon to preside over America’s doom. THE TRUMPENING IS AT HAND! THE GOP CONVENTION HAS BEGUN!

You can leave-stream it here, but all the networks your grandparents watched before Obama’s death-panels killed them will probably be showing it. Tonight’s headliners include Bride of the Monster, Melania Trump, living death skeleton Rudy Guiliani, and some crazy general. Tonight’s theme is apparently “horror.”

Panic in Detroit: GOP Debate Live Blog

debatepocalypse-16R-3Panic in Detroit! Enjoy the latest GOP debate hellfest! See America’s Most Hated Canadian pummel the Great Orange Monster with his soft little fists! Watch the wee Boy Senator make poopy face! Hear homespun bullshit from that other guy! Mourn the absence of the smooooth soft jazz stylings of Dr Ambien! Starts at 9:00 Eastern on Fox News. You can live stream it here.  Continue reading