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The Daily Sausage: Dark Places

Over the past three years I’ve crisscrossed the eastern United States, from Chicago to Atlanta, Baltimore, Manchester, Charlotte, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Columbus, Madison, New York, DC, Peoria, and most recently Detroit. During the day, you can see forests and farms, cities and towns. But at night, you begin to see a different picture. Continue reading

Make No Mistake Donald Trump Represents the Sustained Trauma of Sexual Assault

old_artSomewhere in the mess that became the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump went from scumbag, real estate mogul to a dinner table tall tale. He edged away from being held accountable for his bigoted, sexist, destructive talk in every way a presidential candidate should be. He managed to transcend the responsibility heaped onto every other candidate that ever ran for the office, and is, as he always has been, flying by the seat of his pants, uncontrollably, manically, and with complete abandon of social mores, God-given intellect, and human decency.

In effect, he is an abomination hurtling through space, knocking the tenets of Americanism asunder by plundering anything positive and laying waste to it with every decision he makes — and that was before the release of the infamous Access Hollywood tapes — or the accusations of sexual assault by several women from Trump’s past. Continue reading