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Crasstalk’s Worst Internet Commenters Tournament 2013

Welcome weary citizens of the Internet! We all know how soul-sucking internet comments can be. Racism, stupidity, and harsh judgements abound. The grammar is enough to make any intelligent person cry. However, not all awfulness is created equal. Some sites have comments that sink to a special level appalling and we here at Crasstalk are ready to determine just who really is the worst of the worst. Continue reading

Strawmen And Freeman, A Guide To The Sovereign Citizens Movement

Sovereign Plate

On May 20th, 2010 police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas pulled over a white minivan during a drug interdiction patrol. The police pulled 45 year-old Jerry Kane from the minivan. A scuffle ensued and Kane’s 16 year-old son Joe emerged from the vehicle with an AK-47. He hit the officers with 25 bullets, killing both of them. Ninety minutes later both of the Kanes were killed in a Walmart parking lot in a standoff with the police. Why did Joe Kane kill two police officers (and wound two others in the second altercation)? Because Joe and Jerry Kane were Sovereign Citizens, people who believe that courts and cops have no authority over them, and who believe they have the right to defend themselves from them, by force if necessary. Continue reading

This Is Why We Don’t Trust You With Guns: A Collection of Crazy Comments From America’s Gun Nuts

Ted Nugents Rent Boy

A special thanks to Thunderclees and Haysi for diving into the Internet Pits of Hell for us.

One of the hallmark cries of the gun lobby in resistance to new firearms legislation is that regulations punish the “responsible gun owner.” I actually know many gun owners who are sensible, careful people who take their responsibility for owning a killing machine seriously. However, these reasonable voices seem to have gotten lost in the cacophony of the debate about gun regulation in our country. Instead, the craziest (and often greediest) voices seem to be the loudest and the discussion about gun policies has become extreme and pointless. Here is the reason the American public will have a hard time trusting gun owners to do the reasonable thing.

Note: This post contains some really ugly racial slurs. You have been warned. People are awful sometimes. Continue reading

A Recap of the Most Appalling Reactions to the 2012 Democratic National Convention

A very special thanks to Sootcha for all the painful research assistance for this post.

Well it has been an exciting couple of weeks. First the GOP took over Tampa and presumably cemented the exotic dancer vote for the Democrats, then the godless, blue-state sodomites brought there sinful ways to Charlotte. Once again, America weeps. Anyhoo, nothing brings brings the frothy rage of a wingnut up like liberals having a good time. Here is a collection of some of this week’s most regrettable reactions to the 2012 DNC.   Continue reading

Disgraced Rhode Island State Legislator Harnesses Power of the Internet to Act Like 14 Year Old Boy

Yesterday this writer was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from Rhode Island state legislator Dan Gordon (R-71) about the US House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Admittedly, I was cranky, and after a day of reading bad economic news I felt a little fed up with the GOP’s continued bitching about the health care bill when Americans need some real leadership. I shot back a cranky response.

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