Worst Internet Commenters: Championship Match


Welcome to the first Crasstalk Worst Internet Commenter Finals. It has been a tough tournament, but we have a really exciting final match today. This is championship level trolling and ass clownery.

First, let’s take a moment to acknowledge those two teams that will not be joining us today. Facebook and Yelp are truly awful sites, with lots of truly awful commenters. However, they were not quite as terrible as our finalists Yahoo News and YouTube. While both losing sites were great competitors, they were both handily defeated by strong wingnut talent. Let’s take a look at our finalists.

YouTube: YouTube’s is so awful that it is hard to have faith in humanity if you spend too much time there. The sites most popular videos are frequently made by camwhores, conspiracy whacknuts, and racist jack asses. Videos that actually have redeeming qualities are not exempt from the burning stupid and are often the subject of racist, sexist, or homophobic comments regardless of subject matter. It’s like everyone on the site is a 13 year-old boy. A 13 year-old boy that drowns kittens. Here’s a couple of typical comments.


Yahoo News: What YouTube has in rancor, Yahoo News has in brute stupidity. 20 minutes reading Yahoo News comments will make you seriously wonder how the sites readers manage to get up and dress themselves in the morning. The grammar and spelling are criminal and the arguments presented are enough to make you put a gun to your head. Yahoo news makes you weep for humanity. It’s like everyone on the site is your crazy uncle Gary who isn’t allowed to come by the house anymore. Look for one of these guys to accidentally shoot themselves in the leg during an ATF raid on their compound.

yn1yn3yn4YN2Well there you have it. The worst of the internet. Place your votes below. Voting closes at 7 PM EST tonight adf the winner will be announced at 9 PM, right before the tip off of the NCAA championship game.

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