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Game: Short and Not Too Sweet Movie/TV Descriptions

Let’s Play a Game

One of the things that I loved about the Sunday paper was the compilation of TV listings for the coming week, printed in a handy booklet that would live in the TV room. The best part was reading the incredibly brief synopsis of the movies. These condensed reviews were often unintentionally funny. Thankfully there were copy editors that fearlessly chopped down those synopsis until they fit into the daily grid. I salute you. Continue reading

Guild Leader Today, Executive Tomorrow

Over the last eight months I’ve built an organization from the ground up, consisting of nearly 300 members spread all over the world. I’ve had to choose team leaders, assign and delegate tasks, recruit, deal with challenges posed by my superiors, make sure the people reporting to me get the resources they need to do their jobs, and manage interpersonal conflicts, all while completing my own goals and objectives.

If I put that on my resume as management experience, most recruiters and hiring managers would go “Wow, that’s pretty impressive.” The problem isn’t the job description. Rather, it’s the job title: Guild Leader. Continue reading

Dance Floor Games

13It’s time to present your new, dust off your old, and drag out your ancient. This here is the place for dance floor fillers.

Here are the rules, you get three shots, one song in the last decade or so (2000s to late 90s), one in the last 2 decades or so (Late 90s to 80s), and one any time before the first two categories (70s and before). Continue reading

Why You Should Play Marvel Heroes

About six months ago I wrote an article detailing how to make a good Free To Play MMO. One of the games I singled out as what not to do was the recently released Marvel Heroes. Calling its launch a disaster would almost have been an understatement. However, rather than pack up my things and go to some other imaginary online universe, I stuck it out. I saw a huge amount of potential, and I’m pleased to report that my faith has been rewarded. There have been some growing pains, but I finally feel comfortable recommending Marvel Heroes, and here’s why.

Continue reading

Craft Your Own CrassTales – The Ballad of Chippy

chippyI used to love Choose Your Own Adventure and Which Way books. The books all started the same. Then you’d be able to pick what the lead character did, and flip the appropriate page in the book, and carry on the story from there.

This is a variation on that. I start the story. Then you take over and finish the story in the comments. This is a great way to capitalize on my insanity and laziness.

Thanks to Ms_Print for inspiring this week’s story.

The Ballad of Chippy Continue reading