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Paul Ryan Outed as an Opportunistic Jerk… Again

Urgh. It really doesn’t get much worse than this, folks. This is one of those things that’s just so debased and boneheaded you really have to wonder what the thought process was. Early yesterday pictures circulated of Vice President Nominee, Paul Ryan, and his family, washing dishes at a soup kitchen in northeastern Ohio. Late yesterday the head of the charity confirmed the rumor that it was all a lie, and Ryan “did nothing” while there. Continue reading

Chuck Norris vs. the Gay Scouts of America

According to Chuck Norris, President Obama is “creating a pro-gay Boy Scouts of America” by supporting BSA national board member James Turley’s efforts to make the Boy Scouts a more inclusive organization. This move came after a Lesbian troop leader was recently removed because her sexual orientation “did not meet the high standards” of the organization. Her child was booted as well. Norris accuses President Obama of giving Turley “perks and favors” and condemns his failure to protect the BSA’s “First Amendment rights to stand against atheists, agnostics and homosexuals.”