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QOTD: Does Every Pot Have a Lid?


Yesterday’s Blerg and Biz’s Blove Blog had people stirred up per usual. I happen to believe that the vast majority of pots do have lids out there. You just need to recognize what pot you are and what kinds of lids ‘fit’ you. Continue reading

What We’ve Learned So Far From FYI’s “Married At First Sight”

Since it’s all the rage to play armchair psychologist when it comes to dating and marriage, we figured we’d give our own instincts a workout as we viewed the much ballyhooed show, Married At First Sight. Haha! We’re going to learn so much! So much about people and relationships, and television, and things that may make us want to stick forks in our eyeballs from second-hand embarrassment!

But before we get into our revelations about the show, let’s briefly discuss what this show is. It’s touted as a “social experiment” wherein so called experts — a sexologist, psychologist, yadda, yadda — decide to use military grade comparison shopping to find and meld together six souls who’ve signed up to throw caution to the wind and marry the first body corpus shot out a cannon and hurled at them like a free t-shirt at an Aerosmith concert. What could go wrong, eh? Spoilers Included! Continue reading

The Ideologies of Wizardchan Virgin9000

Wizardchan has boiled up to the surface of the Internet with the events happening at UCSB, though the two should not be confused for one another even though there is overlap. V9K is a sub forum, image board on the Wizardchan site that wizards use as a support group, chat forum and sounding board. The V9K sub forum is specifically for depression related topics. First a few definitions. Continue reading

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

OK, so, full disclosure, I’m a serial Long Distance Dater. I’m in my fourth long distance relationship at the ripe age of 25. It’s not that I seek out women who move away, it just seems that we fall for each other, and then life’s circumstances make it impossible to stay together when you’re both trying to start out your lives.

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QOTD: Your Worst First Date?

first_dateWe’ve all suffered through them. The girl who never put down her cell phone. The guy who repeatedly hit on other people while he was supposed to be out with you. The blind date your sister/brother/mother/hairdresser/dealer set you up on. But there is usually one that stands, head and shoulders, above all others. Our own personal Worst First Date. Continue reading

The Narrative of Marriage – The Paths of Marriage Series

websiteheader_nowavailable2_smallThis is the final post of the series that examines topics from the perspective of the characters in the upcoming novel, The Paths of Marriage which will be for sale starting 1 October 2014.

“The Narrative of Marriage” is written from the point of view of the character, Pooja Deva.

Kids these days have no filter. Especially the hipsters. In fact, I believe one of their favorite hashtags is quite literally #nofilter. It’s ridiculous.

Many of those #nofilter hipster students of mine have somehow decided it’s okay to pry into the personal life of their professor (me) in lieu of researching traffic circles for their next Intro to Urban Studies assignment. So, in an effort to get the legions of intro students to put down their iPhones and pay attention to my brilliance, here is one aspect of the answer to that insufferably complicated question:

“Why did you agree to have an arranged marriage?”

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Are You “That” Friend?

Friends. Oh, friends. They’re like family. But better! You’d think you wouldn’t have as many awkward moments, or downright horrific experiences of jaw-dropping insanity when dealing with people you’re not genetically related to. After all, you chose these people to navigate your life with. Yet, sometimes it’s your friends who need the most counsel — and you find yourself in the role of “real talk” impresario when things start getting out of hand. But we’d argue that being a good friend is being able to tell someone when their life has become the living embodiment of having one’s dress tucked into the back of their pantyhose, or licking the inside of a bathroom stall at Ruby Tuesdays. So, it’s a good thing you’re here to set them straight and let them know when they’re being “that“ friend.

Here are a few examples. Continue reading