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Hiding in flyover country.

QOTD: Spring Fever

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Henderson, told my mother I got “frisky” in the springtime. In junior high, once April hit, I had a habit of developing deep, unrequited crushes on possibly inappropriate young men. In particular, exotic-looking 9th grade track team members who lived too far away for me to stroll casually past their house. In high school, as soon as the weather was warm enough, my friends and I would take late-night drives to local Lake Erie beaches, staying out way past curfew and possibly drinking entire 2-liters of Sun Country Wine Coolers in assorted flavors. Ah, Sun Country, the taste of lost innocence. In college, there was Spring Break and basketball and late nights, knowing our group of friends wouldn’t have the luxury of seeing each other 24/7 for a few months.

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QOTD: Rewinds and Do-Overs


At the end of college, I had a perfect day. An election campaign on which I worked was incredibly successful and, when I walked back to my apartment after getting the results, I found my acceptance to law school waiting in the mailbox. It was a Friday, so at 4:45, I walked into my local bar to meet my friends, most of whom were graduating in a few short weeks. The world was limitless, the future was full of possibility, I was surrounded by people I cared about and there were no barriers to what we could do.

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QOTD: Tell Me A Secret

telling_secretsWe all have them. Some keep them better than others. Some people have the magical ability to pull them out of others for all the world to see. Secrets.

Some secrets are more private than others. And that’s okay. Everyone needs to keep some things just to themselves. Some secrets are huge hidden things that have a life of their own. Some things become secrets just because you don’t think they’re important enough to mention to anyone. Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Have you ever experienced that moment? Did you ever lock eyes with someone in a crowded room and just…know? Have you ever sat in a classroom when someone walked through the door and you sat up a bit straighter, hoping against hope they’d come sit next to you, and they did? Have you ever been introduced to someone at a party and, when you went to shake hands, it was electric? Continue reading

QOTD: Your Worst First Date?

first_dateWe’ve all suffered through them. The girl who never put down her cell phone. The guy who repeatedly hit on other people while he was supposed to be out with you. The blind date your sister/brother/mother/hairdresser/dealer set you up on. But there is usually one that stands, head and shoulders, above all others. Our own personal Worst First Date. Continue reading

Game Theory: What Is It? How Can It Work For Me?

Game theory is in the news lately. For some, this may be the first they’ve ever heard of the field. For others, game theory might be part of an economics class they took back in college that they can barely remember. Luckily, I have unprecedented access to an economics professor who teaches game theory and who agreed to sit with me and answer some questions about using it to get a raise, get out of doing the dishes, and to (maybe) get laid.
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