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How Do We Solve A Problem Like Manspreading?

manspreading In 2015 everyone has rage about the concept of manspreading. There are those who think anyone who manspreads is not only a rude jackass who revels in splaying his junk in an apparent display of superiority, but who is also attempting to suggest to you, unexpecting female train rider, that you should not only behold all that is magnificent about male genitalia, but be so threatened by the glory of every man’s significant crotch circus that you should swoon and feel a bit faint just by being in its presence, if not fearful of its magnitude. All the while, pro-spreaders say simply, “Dude, my balls get hot if confined, so I need the space to keep things loose and moving ‘down there.'”

So who’s right, and more importantly, how do we solve the problem if indeed there is one. Continue reading

The Ideologies of Wizardchan Virgin9000

Wizardchan has boiled up to the surface of the Internet with the events happening at UCSB, though the two should not be confused for one another even though there is overlap. V9K is a sub forum, image board on the Wizardchan site that wizards use as a support group, chat forum and sounding board. The V9K sub forum is specifically for depression related topics. First a few definitions. Continue reading

Pinterest And Its “No Boys Allowed” Perception

It’s been a few months since we last checked in on Pinterest. When we first started hearing about this little site that used “pinning” to share ideas, interesting odds and ends, and cool stuff found around the web, we thought it was the next step in streamlining all those tidbits people post on Facebook and Twitter that may work better to serve an audience already primed to readily accept those things we once cut from magazines or gleaned from a personal email. Continue reading

The Conundrum that is Men Wearing Shorts

While happily munching on my egg white omelet wrap this morning I came across an article titled “Men in Shorts” and written by someone named P.J. O’Rourke (National Lampoon’s! Libertarian! says everyone!) in a compendium to Forbes magazine jauntily called ForbesLife. Now I don’t know what O’Rourke has against grown men in shorts but it’s patently hilarious his quite reasonable takedown of the phenomenon — if not a little histrionic. Continue reading

Book Review: Manvotionals by Brett and Kate McKay

If you take your cues from the supermarket magazine aisle, manliness is pretty easy. Spend a few days browsing the selection and you’ll learn all about how you, too, can have ripped abs, a ripped chest, and ripped legs. You’ll be able to run faster at the track, lift more weight on the bench, and bike up mountains in no time. You’ll learn how to buy the perfect suit, cook the perfect meal, and be the perfect lover. But is a superficial checklist all it takes to be manly? Brett and Kate McKay, the authors of The Art of Manliness – Manvotionals: Timeless Wisdom and Advice on Living the 7 Manly Virtues, think manliness runs a bit deeper than having killer quads and looking great at the beach. Continue reading

Dear Women

The following is from our very own LimeCat, Didactics Tactics, who is currently traveling but still had something to say to The Ladies.

Dear Women-peoples,

I’d like to apologize on behalf of a large majority of the living, mouth-breathing species for which I am a card-carrying member.

Just how is it exactly, that you put up with us? Continue reading