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QOTD: Your Worst First Date?

first_dateWe’ve all suffered through them. The girl who never put down her cell phone. The guy who repeatedly hit on other people while he was supposed to be out with you. The blind date your sister/brother/mother/hairdresser/dealer set you up on. But there is usually one that stands, head and shoulders, above all others. Our own personal Worst First Date. Continue reading

Destruction and Renewal in Tuscaloosa


Tornado victims comfort each other in the Alberta City neighborhood of Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Editor’s Note: This report on the situation in Alabama was written by Writesforfood, please show her some appreciation for sharing with us. Also, thanks to Michelle Lepianka Carter of The Tuscaloosa News for use of these amazing photos.

On nice, sunny spring mornings in my town, I used to wake up to the sound of lawnmowers and leaf blowers.

Not anymore. These days, the sounds that wake us are those of chainsaws firing up and heavy equipment rumbling past the house.

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