QOTD: Your Worst First Date?

first_dateWe’ve all suffered through them. The girl who never put down her cell phone. The guy who repeatedly hit on other people while he was supposed to be out with you. The blind date your sister/brother/mother/hairdresser/dealer set you up on. But there is usually one that stands, head and shoulders, above all others. Our own personal Worst First Date.

My worst first was with a guy with whom I worked. I didn’t want to go out with him in the first place but I took pity on him. My mistake. He showed up in my parents’ driveway, parked his car and proceeded to check the oil and, when he found it was low, he asked my dad if we had any he could “borrow”. It went downhill from there and I ended up turning him down for a drink after dinner. He then went out and told all of our co-workers how long it might take him to get into my pants. That was our first, and only, date. My parents still refer to him as the “Oil Can Kid” and point out Valvoline sales to me in the Sunday ads. I ended up dating his boss, so that worked out well.

I know there are some juicy ones out there. Don’t be shy! Give us all the gory details.

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