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What We’ve Learned So Far From FYI’s “Married At First Sight”

Since it’s all the rage to play armchair psychologist when it comes to dating and marriage, we figured we’d give our own instincts a workout as we viewed the much ballyhooed show, Married At First Sight. Haha! We’re going to learn so much! So much about people and relationships, and television, and things that may make us want to stick forks in our eyeballs from second-hand embarrassment!

But before we get into our revelations about the show, let’s briefly discuss what this show is. It’s touted as a “social experiment” wherein so called experts — a sexologist, psychologist, yadda, yadda — decide to use military grade comparison shopping to find and meld together six souls who’ve signed up to throw caution to the wind and marry the first body corpus shot out a cannon and hurled at them like a free t-shirt at an Aerosmith concert. What could go wrong, eh? Spoilers Included! Continue reading

The Ideologies of Wizardchan Virgin9000

Wizardchan has boiled up to the surface of the Internet with the events happening at UCSB, though the two should not be confused for one another even though there is overlap. V9K is a sub forum, image board on the Wizardchan site that wizards use as a support group, chat forum and sounding board. The V9K sub forum is specifically for depression related topics. First a few definitions. Continue reading

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

OK, so, full disclosure, I’m a serial Long Distance Dater. I’m in my fourth long distance relationship at the ripe age of 25. It’s not that I seek out women who move away, it just seems that we fall for each other, and then life’s circumstances make it impossible to stay together when you’re both trying to start out your lives.

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By the Time You Read This

This post was submitted to us on the condition that we not disclose the author’s name. ~ Eds

Originally posted October 12, 2011

By the time you read this, it won’t really make a difference. Tomorrow, I will kill what some people would consider to be my unborn child. To me, tomorrow marks the day that I get rid of a parasite. Is that inflammatory to say? Yes, of course it is. I know it is. But for me, at this point in my life, this thing that has taken residence inside of me is not even a fetus as of yet—it’s just an unwanted little creature that has taken control of my body without my permission.

Sure, you could say that by having sex, I gave control of my body over to Mother Nature, but the truth is that this can happen to anyone no matter how safe you are. It doesn’t matter if this was the result of having tons of sex with my boyfriend or a couple of one night stands in the past couple of months—the numbers game remains the same no matter what your relationship status is, and Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about how many sexual partners you have when you’re fertile. Continue reading

Looners Prove That There Can Be a Fetish About Anything

In today’s WTF, I read an article on HuffPo about a sexual fetish I’ve never heard of previously: balloon fetish. “Looners” as those who have this fetish are called, come in two categories, poppers and non-poppers.

Poppers get their latex love on with the anticipation of the pop as they blow their ‘life force’ into the balloon. They liken the pop of the balloon to an orgasm. Um, okay. National Geographic has a series called “Taboo” and Elle is showcased there as a popper. A dominatrix from Denver, she loves the bang she gets from the balloon popping. Continue reading