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Studies Say Online Dating Sites Don’t Have a “Special Sauce” in Determining Compatibility

Researchers have determined that online dating has gone mainstream now more than ever. Which from what we can gather means that every single person you know has an online dating profile. No longer does computer dating have a scurrilous stigma attached that was once thought to be a place where only weirdos, drunkards, fetishists, and the otherwise fetid, noxious humans dwelled in hopes of mating with, becoming wedded to, or, at worst, adding other singletons to their collections. Yipes! (Not including Craigslist(lost)) Those freaks are nuts. No, now, online dating can boast that more than 25 million users around the world have taken the plunge and signed up with a dating site.

But what are they really selling? Is it really unmatched compatibility? Continue reading

OkStupid: Catch of the Week

Sadly, I have not received any messages as prolific and terrifying as the one featured in this post, but I have received two that show great promise in the field of competitive psychosis and all-around scuzziness.

Your mission, dear readers, is to help me determine who should win the prize for dirt ball of the week– and, if I’m feeling particularly masochistic, I will message the winner and report back with my findings.

First up, we have harmlessbadboy; his message was brief, and left me wanting more. Continue reading

I Finally Found a “Serious Christian” Girl on OKCupid

As you probably know, online dating sites only attract the most smartest and least emotionally troubled people on the internets. And no dating site attracts more emotionally healthy individuals than OKCupid, the free dating site that was founded by awful, awful nerds who should never have been let out of their mom’s basement.

Recently OKCupid recommended a hottie who, in her profile, describes her religious beliefs as “Christianity and very serious about it.” Continue reading