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QOTD: Does Every Pot Have a Lid?


Yesterday’s Blerg and Biz’s Blove Blog had people stirred up per usual. I happen to believe that the vast majority of pots do have lids out there. You just need to recognize what pot you are and what kinds of lids ‘fit’ you. Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Have you ever experienced that moment? Did you ever lock eyes with someone in a crowded room and just…know? Have you ever sat in a classroom when someone walked through the door and you sat up a bit straighter, hoping against hope they’d come sit next to you, and they did? Have you ever been introduced to someone at a party and, when you went to shake hands, it was electric? Continue reading

QOTD: How Much Alcohol Do You Really Drink in a Week?

A couple of nights ago a number of us conducted a Scientific survey about the number of bottles of wine that the average Crasstalk commentator drinks in any given week. From as little as one glass a week to several boxes was the result. Some of our scientists even suggested that “boxes” or “boiîtes” would be better units of measures to yield more accurate results from our gang of drunks sample community. Continue reading

QOTD: What Do You Doodle?

While sitting in a marathon meeting with my boss, my mind eventually wanders. I go from taking notes to doodling on the side of my notebook. I usually draw a little house and depending on my level of boredom the house will get a door, a window, a chimney and maybe even some grass. He’s still talking and it doesn’t pertain to me? I’m likely to draw a square within squares or some other geometric shape and keep repeating until the spotlight is back on me. This is not new. If I had any notebooks from college or high school, you would see the same drawings.

What do you draw when you’re bored?
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QOTD: What’s Your Plan?

While in New Orleans over the weekend one of my friends mentioned to me that she has a new 1- and 5-year plans. I was a little shocked because this particular friend never seemed like too much of a planner. She got laid off last year and instead of trying to become a cog in another machine, she decided to go her own way. I think this life change has forced her to look further ahead than she might have normally. When she brought it up, a light bulb went off in my head. I’ve been feeling sort of restless (for lack of a better word) in my life lately. Having some long-term plans that I need to hold myself accountable for seems like it will make me work for the things that I actually want.

So far this is what I have: Continue reading

QOTD: Are You a Brand Loyalist?

I've been using Crest Extra Whitening for as long as I can remember.
I ran out of toothpaste earlier this week and when I made a quick trip to Target to get some more, I could not find my brand. I stood in the toothpaste aisle like an idiot for 5 minutes looking for my brand and flavor. I could not find it and bought some other crappy flavor that made me not want to ever brush my teeth again. Thankfully, I was able to order a 6 month supply of the toothpaste I love. Continue reading

QOTD: Your Crappiest Holiday Gifts

Greetings, fellow holiday revelers! I hope Santa or the Elves of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus for the Rest of Us brought you all that was on your wish list.  Even if you received the baubles you’ve had your heart set on all year, the new car with the giant red bow on top, or a genuine replica bat’leth to chase all those kids off your lawn, I’m sure many of us also got at least one crappy gift. You know…one of those things that make you go “hmm….” Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Use The Facebook?

 Facebook was first introduced in February 2004; it’s hard for some of us to imagine a time when Facebook wasn’t a part of our morning routine.

First it was exclusive to college students, then it was for high schoolers, and then anyone could join. Ugh! You can thank Zuck for the resulting and endless fiddling with your Facebook privacy settings so Mom and Aunt Lori don’t see your drunk beer funneling pictures from college. Also, I’d like to personally thank Mr. Zuckerburg for my Facebook statuses coming up at Christmas dinner. Duly noted was my excessive use of the word fuck.

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