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What We’ve Learned So Far From FYI’s “Married At First Sight”

Since it’s all the rage to play armchair psychologist when it comes to dating and marriage, we figured we’d give our own instincts a workout as we viewed the much ballyhooed show, Married At First Sight. Haha! We’re going to learn so much! So much about people and relationships, and television, and things that may make us want to stick forks in our eyeballs from second-hand embarrassment!

But before we get into our revelations about the show, let’s briefly discuss what this show is. It’s touted as a “social experiment” wherein so called experts — a sexologist, psychologist, yadda, yadda — decide to use military grade comparison shopping to find and meld together six souls who’ve signed up to throw caution to the wind and marry the first body corpus shot out a cannon and hurled at them like a free t-shirt at an Aerosmith concert. What could go wrong, eh? Spoilers Included! Continue reading

Singlism Is Real and I Have Experienced it

I am single. In fact, I’ve been single my entire professional career. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that being discriminated against for being single in the professional world has a name, and some academic backing: singlism.

Some will say it’s a myth, that it’s just another symptom of a generation of workers that feels entitled to everything. I know better, because I’ve experienced it first-hand. Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Think We’re Meant to be with One Person for a Lifetime?

TiMER is a sci-fi romantic comedy (yes, you read that right) set in a world that has developed the technology to predict when you’ll meet your soulmate down to the very second. The film explores the anxiety behind wanting to be certain that the person you’re with is The One and whether there is value in a relationship that will not last a lifetime.

I recently got asked the following 3 questions which made me come back to these themes: Continue reading

New Method to Calculate Time

We’ve all heard of degrees Celsius, meters, yards and other units of measurement. Bryan Forbes has come up with an innovative way to measure time in a relationship.  A “Kardashian” represents a unit of measure representing 72 days of marriage.

For those married Crasstalkers, check out this calculator and report back your Kardashian duration. Please feel free to share your views on how this heterosexual marriage better preserves the sanctity of marriage versus same sex marriage.
Continue reading

Follow Your Own Marriage Rules, Or Not!

After thumbing through a quite long and a bit overwrought Atlantic Monthly article titled “All the Single Ladies”, I was struck by some of the juxtaposition the author, Kate Bolick, discusses about the feelings of loneliness she felt in not walking down the aisle with a seemingly perfect man at age 29, and years later, rectifying that decision with an almost feminist war cry to embrace the concept of often maligned spinsterhood, which some would have you believe should only be whispered in dulcet tones and not too close to a Ouija board. This isn’t a test. Women will not fail at life if they marry, and remaining single doesn’t mean there’s a lonely-lady cat sweater with your name on it. Change the rules, if you dare. Continue reading

Gay Marriage More Popular With Lesbians

Apparently the data from states where gay marriage is already recognized shows that, when it comes to who’s actually tying the knot, the lesbians are jumping on board at a much higher rate than gay men.

In Connecticut, for example, 3,252 lesbian couples have wed since 2008, when same-sex marriage was legalized, compared with just 2,053 gay guys…

Marital data obtained by The Post show a stark, 3-to-2 ratio of lesbian marriages, compared to all- male unions.

I wonder if in Real rural America we’re on the verge of seeing shotgun gay weddings.