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A Non-Techy Girl Reviews iOS 7

The new iOS home screen is brighter, more open and more ... neon?
The new iOS home screen is brighter, more open and more … neon?

I feel I need to preface this post with the following: I am not a technologically savvy person. I love my iPhone for the reasons most of us love our smart phones: in addition to making calls and sending texts, I can check Facebook and Twitter and email and the Internet wherever I am. It gives me directions when I’m hopelessly lost (sometimes — ask me about the time I wound up in the middle of a field. The phone said turn right!) It means I’m never without somewhere to eat. It is a portable computer I can fit in the palm of my hand. What’s not to love? Continue reading

Are You “That” Friend?

Friends. Oh, friends. They’re like family. But better! You’d think you wouldn’t have as many awkward moments, or downright horrific experiences of jaw-dropping insanity when dealing with people you’re not genetically related to. After all, you chose these people to navigate your life with. Yet, sometimes it’s your friends who need the most counsel — and you find yourself in the role of “real talk” impresario when things start getting out of hand. But we’d argue that being a good friend is being able to tell someone when their life has become the living embodiment of having one’s dress tucked into the back of their pantyhose, or licking the inside of a bathroom stall at Ruby Tuesdays. So, it’s a good thing you’re here to set them straight and let them know when they’re being “that“ friend.

Here are a few examples. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Vow

On Tuesday night, I saw The Vow (so you don’t have to) courtesy of Gilt City Chicago. They offered a free cocktail hour and free popcorn before the movie. Below are some of my thoughts.

Highlights include:

  • The backside of a naked Channing Tatum (I might not like his face, but from the neck down, he does have a nice body)
  • An argument about cilantro in the first 5 minutes of the movie
  • A shot that was clearly an outtake made it to the final cut (Rachel McAdams spits food in her hair during a date scene)
  • Free wine and popcorn (it counts even if it wasn’t part of the movie right?)

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How To Be A Better Woman

Greetings and salutations! As some of you know, I am Woman. ROAR! As people who know me know, I am a non-stereotypical woman. For the Crasstalk Day Of Woman I decided to make a list of some things which I think help women be better women. This list is but a small part of the continual refinement which is every human’s job. Brave capable sisters, know that I have only your best interests at heart, and gather round: Continue reading

Quick Beer Bread with Monterey Jack Cheese and Scallions

Earlier in the week when it was gray and rainy I made a batch of chicken curry soup. It was the perfect meal for an early fall day, but soup needs bread – and sometimes you can’t just don’t have time to play around with yeast. So I made an old stand by, quick beer bread. You can make this bread with a lot of interchangeable ingredients including (but not limited to) dill and cheddar, corn and chipotle cheese, or (to go with a spicy curry) monterey jack and scallions. Continue reading

Jerk Alert: No, Your Toe Shoes Don’t Make You Important

Jerks. They exist. We see them everyday. They sit in the cubicle next to you. Perhaps they rub their butt on your hand while on the subway, or they ride on the stair directly behind you on an escalator and breathe garlic-onion dip on the back of your neck. COURTESY STAIR! COURTESY STAIR! You always provide one courtesy stair after the person in front of you. Sheesh. These guys, and many others like them litter our world with their collective jerkiness totally oblivious to their er, problem, while nonchalant in their affect, and mostly unrepentant.

Today we’ll start calling out jerks. Because, really, they need to know. Continue reading