QOTD: Does Every Pot Have a Lid?


Yesterday’s Blerg and Biz’s Blove Blog had people stirred up per usual. I happen to believe that the vast majority of pots do have lids out there. You just need to recognize what pot you are and what kinds of lids ‘fit’ you.

I come from a background in consulting. People would hire my firm (and me) because we had an expertise in solving some issue they were experiencing. Perhaps that is why when I have an problem, I seek out people who have been successful dealing with a similar situation.

My consulting days did teach me a lot about people seeking advice. Despite paying my firm over $600/hour for the advice they sought, some were really just looking for affirmation that they were doing the right thing – even if the results were not what they desired. These were the most frustrating individuals I have ever encountered. People like that needed to be treated differently than those who understood they were obviously doing something wrong. Those people had to be shown ways to do it properly without telling them their actions were the actual issue.

Maybe that is what needs to be done here.

For those of you in a committed relationship, what did you do differently in this relationship that made it work? Was it putting yourself out there more? Was it moving? Was it making yourself more vulnerable or caring less? What was different about you, your choices or situation that made this one work?

Share your story. Help out this difficult client.

Pot lid by val sv, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  val sv 

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