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Catcall Me? Please Don’t!

catcall_me_pleasePoor Doree Lewak of the New York Post just wants to “be that objectified sex thing for [the catcalling men of NYC]” because “hard hats need something to look at on their break.” Maybe they should try looking at the newspaper. “It’s as primal as it gets, ladies!” Not as primal as, say, bashing you in the head with a club, dragging you into a secluded area and raping you, but the sentiment is the same. A man who yells out positive and/or negative comments at a passing female stranger is operating under the same idea; the belief that women’s bodies don’t belong to them, but to the public, and as a part of public property, men have the right to judge them as worthy or unworthy bodies. Continue reading

Does the Definition of Conception Really Matter?

After yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling in the matter of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., wherein the highest court in the land decided 5-4 that “closely held” for-profit corporations have a right to religiously object to government regulations (because Corporations Are People Too) with regard to the “contraceptive mandate” of the Affordable Care Act, it all really came down to conception and the process of. Continue reading

The Ideologies of Wizardchan Virgin9000

Wizardchan has boiled up to the surface of the Internet with the events happening at UCSB, though the two should not be confused for one another even though there is overlap. V9K is a sub forum, image board on the Wizardchan site that wizards use as a support group, chat forum and sounding board. The V9K sub forum is specifically for depression related topics. First a few definitions. Continue reading

Meet “Lammily”, the Correctly Proportioned Average-Sized Doll

We are all well aware of the bizarre proportions of Mattel’s “Barbie” doll. Last year, artist Nickolay Lamm became internet famous for creating this correctly-proportioned “Barbie” doll concept. Building on this publicity, Lamm refined his “real Barbie” prototype and created “Lammily”, the beautifully average doll. And now he wants to crowd fund her into existence. Continue reading

Whose Streets? Our streets! Ovarian Psycos’ Clitoral Mass in Los Angeles

“Whose streets? Our streets!” was one of the chants repeated Saturday night by organizers of the Los Angeles edition of Clitoral Mass. The ride’s official start time was 5:00 pm from Watts Towers in South Los Angeles, and would take the women and women-identified cyclists throughout Los Angeles, traveling north through downtown Los Angeles, and east into Pasadena, Highland Park and Boyle Heights. Continue reading

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Calls Out “White Woman Feminism,” Opens Door for Dialogue


There’s a place in feminism’s underbelly where some things aren’t often brought to light. Among the calls for equality and the staunch stance that what feminism really does is work to level the playing field for everyone, what many of us realize is there is a double standard when it comes to taking up the mantle of solidarity. Hence the birth of #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen. Continue reading

The Best Signs from Austin Stand with Texas Women Event

Crowds estimated between 5000 (Planned Parenthood) and 10,000 (MoveOn.Org) gathered Monday on the South Side of the Capitol Building in Austin, TX to Stand With Texas Women. Dressed in burnt orange, the unruly mob filled the lawn for several hours listening to politicians, musicians, clergy, and leaders of the Pro-Choice movement.

A broad range of people attended the rally — more women than men; lots of children and infants; several pregnant women; fewer people of color than I hoped. Contrary to reports from Republicans, the protesters were from Texas. People came from all over the state, based on conversations with those standing around us, in bus and car loads. There was a positive, energized vibe despite the heightened police presence.  The rally organizers planned thoughtfully, providing kid-friendly areas, free cold water, and for a short time, electronic charging stations. Certainly the unusually comfortable weather and cool breezes helped.

As expected, the signs were witty, pointed, crass, and spot-on. Continue reading

The Day Wendy Davis, “One-Woman Filibusterer,” Came to the Texas Anti-Abortion Rodeo


All she had to do was stand and discuss abortion for 13 hours. That’s right. That was all. A daunting task by no stretch of the imagination. But this national hero took the challenge head on. Wearing a back brace and pink sneakers, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis decided that she would stand up for women’s rights, literally. She would tell their stories to a waiting congress poised to shut her down for any tiny infraction. And she did so yesterday in a 13-hour filibuster to stop a Republican produced anti-abortion bill. Continue reading