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Blue Apron Review, If You Must

Because I live in a small town that lacks a wide variety of restaurants that will bring food directly to my home so I decided to try Blue Apron, some assembly required, meal delivery service. It’s not that I’m one of those people who stares blankly in the produce section, at a loss over what tastes go with what tastes. I have game in the kitchen. But I prefer simple food (and delivery) because I’m lazy and it takes zero effort to turn damn near anything into a taco. Continue reading

QOTD: Do You Have a Best Friend?

I’m frequently shocked by how many grown people don’t have a best friend. Significant others, spouses, siblings, and grandmothers do not count as best friends. A best friend is a volunteer position. A best friend is someone who is always on your side, even when you’re dead-ass wrong in those other relationships that are complicated by obligations and duty and finances and sex. It seems like most people have a best friend in their twenties, but by thirty people start to look at you strangely when you mention your best friend and it’s not your significant other. Continue reading

From the Message Board to the Studio: Introducing Her Royal Harness

album_400Everyday on Crasstalk we reach out to each other, strangers from vastly different walks of life, people who live a couple miles or thousands of miles away, for a chat, for guidance, or a laugh. Sometimes those moments turn into a professional contacts, sometimes they turn into fun, shallow friendships, and, sometimes, on very rare occasions, those moments can turn into the most important relationship of your life.

That’s the wonderful side of the internet.

The not so wonderful side is comprised of the misunderstandings, the battles, and the nastiness that can spin totally out of control when people have the protection of anonymity. The places populated by people who would rather shout into a hole in a wall and proclaim their rightness or their horribleness just to make someone else feel small.

That’s the other side of the internet. Continue reading

QOTD: What Are Your Favorite Summer Activities?

Lake_of_the_Woods_(Klamath_County,_Oregon_scenic_images)_(klaDA0170)For the last three years my main summer activities have been getting my ass kicked by the law and long distance moving. However, in my previous life, I preferred having my ass kicked by bodies of water or liberally coating myself in OFF and moving myself to a spot under the nearest tree where I would lay very still, and read everything I could get my hands on without a significant amount of effort, in between naps. If I won the Powerball tomorrow, that’s what my life would be for at least six months, water and literate sloth. Though I’d probably move off the ground and buy myself a hammock or an actual wood Adirondack chair. Continue reading

Huma Abedin Doesn’t Need Your Crap

Katherine-of-Aragon“What’s wrong with the wives?” is a question I would happily go the rest of my life never hearing again from anyone’s mouth (or fingers) when yet another husband, prominent or not, is caught having an affair.

“Why is she staying with him?”

“Why is she supporting him in public?” 

“She is such an amazing woman, but doesn’t she have any pride?”

When you ask these questions you’re doing three pretty terrible things. Continue reading

QOTD: What’s Your Extreme Weather Story?

When I was eight years old, my family spent the month of July visiting my stepfather’s parents on their farm outside of Wichita  Kansas. One evening, my sister and I were bathing, supervised by our mom. We had just noticed lighting through the bathroom window, when my step-grandmother burst into the bathroom grabbed my sister out of the tub and told my mom to wrap me in a towel and follow her. Continue reading