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Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips Review

vaselineIf you’re looking for a natural-looking lip product that also adds protection to your lips and has a lovely scent, Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips is an excellent drug store product to consider. It adds a subtle pink tint to your lips and smells absolutely divine, with a light rose and herbal scent. This is a new (to the US) scent to the current line-up of Vaseline Lip Therapy products you can find at most drugstores. (The UK has had this product for a while, but it is packaged in a small tin instead of a tiny plastic tub.) Continue reading

Whose Streets? Our streets! Ovarian Psycos’ Clitoral Mass in Los Angeles

“Whose streets? Our streets!” was one of the chants repeated Saturday night by organizers of the Los Angeles edition of Clitoral Mass. The ride’s official start time was 5:00 pm from Watts Towers in South Los Angeles, and would take the women and women-identified cyclists throughout Los Angeles, traveling north through downtown Los Angeles, and east into Pasadena, Highland Park and Boyle Heights. Continue reading

Beauty Treatments Using Common Household Items

potatoes_make_you_beautifylIf you like pampering yourself with beauty treatments but hate spending tons of money on product, you might be excited to learn that there are a ton of beauty products just waiting to be created in your kitchen and home. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for beauty treatments with ingredients found in most kitchens.

Egg Yolk Conditioning Hair Mask

This is an easy and nourishing hair mask that helps condition your hair, helps prevent breakage and increases shine. Continue reading

American Households are Increasingly Going Car-free

NBC news reported on a study by CNW Marketing that found that the amount of car-free American households has doubled in the last two decades, meaning that nearly 10% of American households do not have a car.

There are several reasons that the number of car-free households are increasing, from the recession making it difficult for those who wish to own a car to do so, to environmentalism, to technology making shared or public transit more accessible. Increased urbanization (or gentrification) and the revitalization of urban neighborhoods, as well as investment in public transit and cycling infrastructure have made it easier for people to choose to live car-free. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Los Angeles

The backbone, and infrastructure of cities is often disguised from those of us who live within them. Sometimes it’s infrastructure that the city or big business wants to hide from the public, or at least disguise. Other times, it is infrastructure or places that time has simply passed by. It might just be that simply the act of passing by something every day, we no longer notice it. Or because it’s always been there, we never question its presence. Continue reading

A Year Later A Family Still Searches For Answers in Son’s Murder

On April 10, 2012, 25 year old Sam Michel was found stabbed to death in his Los Angeles apartment. A year later, his murder remains unsolved and there are no leads. His family has just announced that they have doubled the reward from $50,000 to $100,000 in the hopes of bringing renewed awareness to the case. Continue reading