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Poor White America Deserves to Die Says National Review

…and Trump Derangement Syndrome rages on!

National Review—a money losing, elite conservative circle jerk welfare program masquerading as a magazine—has been standing athwart history yelling BLERGH at this whole Trump phenomenon. They’ve been dedicating lengthy article after length article trying to convince you, true conservative, that Donald Trump doesn’t represent your values. With those efforts failing, it makes sense to take a second look at the primary voters who keep bolstering this clown. Upon review of the electorate, NR columnist Kevin Williamson could not hold back his contempt: Continue reading

Rightwing Think Tank is Very Afraid of Imaginary Liberalism

Political partisans tend to fall into the trap of mischaracterizing their opponents. This generally manifests itself as low-level innocuous stuff. Coastal liberals may think southerners are all gun-toting, bible thumpers or midwestern conservatives may think of city dwellers as metrosexual peaceniks. Most established, politically connected organizations would try to avoid getting tripped up by these common stereotypes. But most organizations are not the Heritage Foundation! Continue reading

Meet “Lammily”, the Correctly Proportioned Average-Sized Doll

We are all well aware of the bizarre proportions of Mattel’s “Barbie” doll. Last year, artist Nickolay Lamm became internet famous for creating this correctly-proportioned “Barbie” doll concept. Building on this publicity, Lamm refined his “real Barbie” prototype and created “Lammily”, the beautifully average doll. And now he wants to crowd fund her into existence. Continue reading

QOTD: Your Favorite New Music of 2013?

Now is the time of year where everyone makes a list of the top critically praised music of the year, but what were you really listening to? What albums got the most plays on your iTunes? What songs did you constantly rock during your morning commute? It’s time to give us the new music you couldn’t get away from in 2013.

Personally, I had limited opportunity to explore a large variety of new music. But this was a surprisingly strong year for fans of late 90s style Hip-Hop, so I indulged mostly in that genre. But I did get in a few other gems. Continue reading

“Twerk”, “Derp”, “Vom” and Other Internet Slang Added to the Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionaries Online, in a cutely written blog post, announced they were adding a whole bevy of online jargon, slang and abbreviations to their online dictionary. No doubt this is especially exciting news for English teachers everywhere. One can envision many a future book report beginning, “Bob Ewell is the most srsly vom-worthy character in all of To Kill a MockingBird…” Continue reading

You Should Be Less Excited about Cory Booker Becoming a Senator

Barring some sort of freak accident, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a lock to win the Democratic nomination in today’s New Jersey special primary election. And if polls are any indication, he will cruise on to becoming NJ’s next senator, filling the late Frank Lautenberg’s vacant seat. Booker is probably best known for his side job as a local superhero, casually saving women from burning buildings and the like. This has made him a political rockstar with approval ratings floating in high 60s and a massive Twitter following. A young, popular African-American progressive running for Senate—what’s not to like? Plenty! Continue reading