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""Shit's gotta change in this country, and fuck whatever the NRA says. I'm a proud gun owner. I call em' lefty and righty, and there's a fist at the end of each one. Only a pussy needs an actual gun to settle his business....And worst case, I keep a tire iron beneath the front seat of my Trans Am. That said, guns are fucking awesome for sport and I love taking my AR-15 to shoot beer cans in the Rose Garden. But I'd give it up to keep our kids safe."

The Best Signs from Austin Stand with Texas Women Event

Crowds estimated between 5000 (Planned Parenthood) and 10,000 (MoveOn.Org) gathered Monday on the South Side of the Capitol Building in Austin, TX to Stand With Texas Women. Dressed in burnt orange, the unruly mob filled the lawn for several hours listening to politicians, musicians, clergy, and leaders of the Pro-Choice movement.

A broad range of people attended the rally — more women than men; lots of children and infants; several pregnant women; fewer people of color than I hoped. Contrary to reports from Republicans, the protesters were from Texas. People came from all over the state, based on conversations with those standing around us, in bus and car loads. There was a positive, energized vibe despite the heightened police presence.  The rally organizers planned thoughtfully, providing kid-friendly areas, free cold water, and for a short time, electronic charging stations. Certainly the unusually comfortable weather and cool breezes helped.

As expected, the signs were witty, pointed, crass, and spot-on. Continue reading

War Stories from the Front Line of College Admissions

Over at Crassparenting, I’ve shared my thoughts for parents about how to prepare their students for the college admissions process. Knowing my audience, I thought that Crasstalkers would rather hear the war stories from my odd job.

There are stupid questions: One father asked in front of 600 people if our food service had diet food because his fat daughter couldn’t afford to gain the Freshman 15.  Continue reading

Eat in New Orleans Like You’ll Never Eat Again

Yesterday, PoBoyNation shared tips on how to do Mardi Gras in New Orleans like a local, causing all of us to want to head down south immediately. Today as Lent begins and Carnival season ends, I thought I’d share with you my week in eating in New Orleans like a tourist (albeit a tourist who lived there for a bit and visits often) on an expense account. Get your antacid ready to go! Continue reading

This Week In Gun Violence

Over 1400 Americans have died from gun violence since the massacre at Newtown in December.  The President, Vice President and the Congress are currently considering legislation to stem gun violence.  Former Congresswoman, Gabby Giffords, will testify in Congress today about her very personal experience with gun violence.  Meanwhile, the GOP and NRA are digging in their heels, and gun sales have sky rocketed around the nation. Continue reading

This Week in Gun Deaths

It was only a month ago that 26 members of the Sandy Point Elementary School were brutally gunned down at their school. On Wednesday, President Obama announced his legislative agenda to address gun violence. The reaction from the NRA and gun rights extremists was swift and predictable, and pundits predict the President will have a difficult time getting support in Congress. As the nation wrestles with questions about gun rights versus public safety, people continue to die from gun violence. As of January 16th, 926 people have died since the teachers and children in Newtown were killed. Continue reading