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Meet “Lammily”, the Correctly Proportioned Average-Sized Doll

We are all well aware of the bizarre proportions of Mattel’s “Barbie” doll. Last year, artist Nickolay Lamm became internet famous for creating this correctly-proportioned “Barbie” doll concept. Building on this publicity, Lamm refined his “real Barbie” prototype and created “Lammily”, the beautifully average doll. And now he wants to crowd fund her into existence. Continue reading

Are Sing-a-ma-jigs Cute, Cuddly Fun or Something Else Entirely?

I’m left a little baffled by this toy. On one hand I get what it’s supposed to be. It’s some sort of Elmo-esque plush toy that does what plush toys of the new millennium do. They sing and dance, or shake, and tremble, or whatever else palsy-ridden toys should do nowadays. Why? I have no idea. I’m from the world of soft teddy bears and Raggedy Ann dolls. I never got the appeal of the singing/talking stuffed toy, the Teddy Ruxpins of the toy world. In fact that thing was downright scary! It was like it could read your mind and then rat you out to adults. Sheesh. It was a monster. Now then…the Sing-a-ma-jigs by Fisher Price? Singing flesh eaters? Beloved best toy ever? I dunno.

There is also something about it that may be a bit unsettling. Continue reading

At What Age Does Breast-Shaming Start?

The US will soon release a doll from Spain called “Breast Milk Baby.” The $89 toy will allow children to imitate the act of breast-feeding by using a special halter top that comes with the doll. Parents and critics are divided on the product, some claiming that the doll over-sexualizes young girls by forcing them to grow up too quickly, but supporters claim that the toy is a learning product meant to teach nurturing and provide valuable education on what is believed to be a healthy choice when it comes to parenting.

What’s the debate? Continue reading