The Best Signs from Austin Stand with Texas Women Event

Crowds estimated between 5000 (Planned Parenthood) and 10,000 (MoveOn.Org) gathered Monday on the South Side of the Capitol Building in Austin, TX to Stand With Texas Women. Dressed in burnt orange, the unruly mob filled the lawn for several hours listening to politicians, musicians, clergy, and leaders of the Pro-Choice movement.

A broad range of people attended the rally — more women than men; lots of children and infants; several pregnant women; fewer people of color than I hoped. Contrary to reports from Republicans, the protesters were from Texas. People came from all over the state, based on conversations with those standing around us, in bus and car loads. There was a positive, energized vibe despite the heightened police presence.  The rally organizers planned thoughtfully, providing kid-friendly areas, free cold water, and for a short time, electronic charging stations. Certainly the unusually comfortable weather and cool breezes helped.

As expected, the signs were witty, pointed, crass, and spot-on.

This one is my favorite pic of the day.


 Many used the coat hanger as a visual reminder of how women self-aborted prior to 1973.


Body parts were invoked:


Religion was discussed:

rsz_img_2802rsz_img_2644rsz_img_2672The men represented well:



rsz_img_2734Lots of kids and families attended:


Say what you will about feminists, but we are a funny, witty bunch:


I’m not from Texas, as I’ve lived here for only 4 years.  I never understood the idea of The Texas Woman until this rally. My respect for the women of this state grew exponentially at the Stand With Texas Women rally.  They are a forced to be reckoned with. MareeStelle, a Texas Woman, said, “I am so glad I went 🙂 my experience was just that of feeling angry yet proud and strong of my fellow Texans. My aunt, who is a mother of three and a grandmother of two, came with me too and it was really warming to see these important values being upheld over different generations, different genders, different demographics. I had no hope when Perry called the second session, but I know now that even if the bill passes this is just the very beginning :)”


Finally, I did my nails in the same hot pink as Wendy Davis’ shoes.  (I couldn’t pull off the Wendy Davis nails, FREd, but that’s a different post.)


 All photos taken by the author.

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