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“If music be the food of love, play on!” Mmm, musical sustenance… so very, very important. 2011 was a huge year for artists such as Adele (21), Coldplay (Mylo Xyloto, people suddenly unironically liking Chris Martin), Lady Gaga (The Immaculate Collection Born This Way), and Rihanna (Loud), but also some good ones! (I kid, I kid!) And so…

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What Can We Learn From Twitter’s 2011 Trending Topics?

 A little while ago, Twitter published their top trending topics for the first half of 2011. For all that has been said about Twitter promoting triviality, thoughtlessness, Biebermania and every other sign of the apocalypse, the trending topics reveal a bit of hope for the Twitter generation after all – and also emphasise Twitter’s international spread.

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Forbes Releases Celebrity 100 List

“Holy shitballs!” was how Bethenny Frankel described her feelings about being on the cover of the most recent Celebrity 100 edition of Forbes magazine. Holy shitballs is right. This year Bethenny made about $55 million dollars. It feels like just the other day she was the poor, downtrodden Real Housewife of New York City peddling her brand Bethenny Bakes at every function imaginable but now everything has changed. The reality shows that made her famous only “earned” her about $700,000 last year but she definitely owes alot of her success to them. She has multiple best-selling books and other business ventures including her brand SkinnyGirl Cocktails and its premier drink the SkinnyGirl Margarita. In fact, she recently inked a deal for her brand of drinks which netted her a reported $100-$120 million dollars. All of things considered, she is now probably the wealthiest of all the New York City Housewives and she isn’t even on the show anymore. Continue reading