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Is this the End of the Camp David Era?

Remember Jimmy Carter and how he told us all we should put on a sweater?* Jimmy Carter was an awful president, you guys, and everyone knows that.

It couldn’t have been Jimmy Carter who brokered the Camp David Accords, because the Camp David Accords brought a real and lasting peace between Israel and Egypt for the last 34 years, and, again, Jimmy Carter was an awful president who never did anything and should have stuck to peanut farming and communist coddling and just left the sweater-wearing-exhorting to the adults, the Republicans, duh. Continue reading

Friday Morning Headlines

So The Markets are freaking out again. I feel like Markets should be capitalized because “the markets” has become this phrase you hear all the time now, some presumed entity with a will of its own. News anchors will say things like “let’s see what the markets are doing,” or “the markets are not responding well to this news,” like they’re talking about some unruly sentient being, a deranged stallion to which all our fates are tied.

  • Homeland Security has announced a new deportation policy that will allow many illegal immigrants to stay in the US.
  • An Egyptian border guard has been killed in an Israeli raid on militants.
  • HP will no longer be making PCs and shitty laptops.
  • British Council offices have been bombed in the Afghan capital.

What Can We Learn From Twitter’s 2011 Trending Topics?

 A little while ago, Twitter published their top trending topics for the first half of 2011. For all that has been said about Twitter promoting triviality, thoughtlessness, Biebermania and every other sign of the apocalypse, the trending topics reveal a bit of hope for the Twitter generation after all – and also emphasise Twitter’s international spread.

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World Roundup with Mark Shields’ Jowls

Hello Crasstalk, I’m Mark Shields’ left jowl.

And I’m Mark Shields’ right jowl.

And this is World Roundup with Mark Shields’ Jowls.

Mark Shields, Mark Shields jowls, Mark Shields' jowls
Your correspondents and veteran opinion-haver Mark Shields.

As jowls go, we’ve seen a lot.  We’ve been there and back again.  We’ve forgotten more stories than most of today’s firm-cheeked young “journalists” have followed on Twitter.  We’ve jowled with jowliest of the jowls from the limpest Liebermans to the meatiest McCains—we’ve literally gone jowl-to-jowl with every established, occasionally centrist, and often infuriatingly inconsistent politician in this town, and we know you and David Brooks wouldn’t have it any other way.  With our bona fides established, Left Jowl begins our Roundup in North Africa. Continue reading

Your Sunday Evening Open Post

Hi all, hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. Here’s a couple of conversation starters (as if we need those).

The Atlantic has some fantastic videos of the reaction of protesters during the moments after Mubarak was removed a s Egyptian President. It really captures the emotions of a beautiful moment.

Ron Paul (R-TX) won the CPAC presidential poll this weekend in Washington. This is the second year he has won, but Paul is not exactly embraced by the mainstream part of the Republican party. Alex Jones is probably pretty stoked though. Sarah Palin finshed third, suggesting that their are limits to crazy, even at CPAC.

The Economist has an interesting article about income inequality in Angola. While the country has become rich from national resources, corruption, poor planning, and lingering animosity over the civl war have meant most Angolans still live in abject poverty.

Also, Jerry Springer turns 67 today. Try not to throw a chair or get anyone knocked up during your celebration.