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QOTD: Let’s All Go to the Movies 2011

Confession: I almost never go to movies. My husband and I just don’t have the money to spend twenty-five bucks on someone flashing their glaringly bright cell phone screen at us while some baby who’s way too young to be viewing Die Hard 17: Effing Die Already cries from the back row. This year, however, I made it to the theater quite a few times, for which I was very proud of myself.

Now, did I see anything remotely resembling a cinematic masterpiece? No, I saw things like Monte Carlo starring The Wizardess of Bieber Place, Blair Waldorf, and a woman who should’ve sealed herself in a box after Melrose Place got canceled so she could successfully preserve the one time in her life she didn’t suck at her craft. But still! There were probably some good movies out there this year, right? So tell us, in response to the Question of the Day: What Was Your Favorite Movie of 2011? Continue reading