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Strawmen And Freeman, A Guide To The Sovereign Citizens Movement

Sovereign Plate

On May 20th, 2010 police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas pulled over a white minivan during a drug interdiction patrol. The police pulled 45 year-old Jerry Kane from the minivan. A scuffle ensued and Kane’s 16 year-old son Joe emerged from the vehicle with an AK-47. He hit the officers with 25 bullets, killing both of them. Ninety minutes later both of the Kanes were killed in a Walmart parking lot in a standoff with the police. Why did Joe Kane kill two police officers (and wound two others in the second altercation)? Because Joe and Jerry Kane were Sovereign Citizens, people who believe that courts and cops have no authority over them, and who believe they have the right to defend themselves from them, by force if necessary. Continue reading

Today is Conspiracy Day in American Politics!

Oh, dear Lord. There’s a whole new word out there for Republicans who don’t believe today’s job numbers. Truthers. That’s not very creative. It would be much more impressive say they went with “Jobbers” or “Number Floggers” or “Grouchy Guys in Armchairs.” Well, whatever. They’re not the only ones. Some Democrats are saying it’s possible Mitt Romney, soul-sucking, underworld cretin, and candidate for the Presidency, may have cheated during the debate Wednesday night, Palin style!

Everyone’s walls are lined with foil today, folks. Continue reading

Help Mitt Get Buzz

We all know by now that President Obama is an unAmerican communist, socialist, marxist, nazi, muslim, race baiting radical. An elitist who has shaken hands with, hugged, bowed to, and/or stood in the same room with every enemy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that his corrupt, whore-chasing secret service guard can find for him. Born in Kenya, educated in Indonesia, indoctrinated by the liberal Illuminati who were grooming him for his eventual rise to power and the destruction of the American Way, his destiny was sealed as the ink dried on his fake birth certificate. Oh, and he has eaten dog. Continue reading

Say No To Grandpa Joe

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Both the book and its two movie counterparts have many perceived villains. But, when you think about it, none of them are actually villains in the first place. Slugworth, the obvious culprit, is actually just a moral test placed in the children’s way by Willy Wonka.  You could also consider Willy Wonka a villain; but in the end he is just trying to find an heir to his empire. The true villain in the series is Grandpa Joe.

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Is the Denver Airport the Center of an International Conspiracy?

Most Americans are probably familiar with a number of popular conspiracy theories about how the government and global elites are somehow plotting against us. It is a multi-million dollar industry in this country to scare the beejesus out of everyone by invoking the government boogeyman.

For God's sake, panic!

The theories are as diverse as America itself. It can be Freemasons (classic), The United Nations (trendy), or lizard people (incoherent). However, the general theme is always the same. A group of elites are reforming the global power structure to make a naked grab for power and enslave and/or kill us all. This is called the New World Order, and once it is in place you will be sent to a FEMA camp with your family because you believe in Jesus and work for a living. Michelle Bachman will not protect you.

However, the details are often vague about how these elites operate and many questions are left unanswered. Who are these elites? Why do they have this insatiable blood-lust? Why do they hate decent, God-fearing people? Where do they operate from?

Fortunately, the Internet’s conspiracy detectives have found the answer to the last question. The homicidal global super-elite, who have the resources to base themselves anywhere in the world, have chosen the Denver International Airport as their home base for world domination. Why? Well, why not? I don’t know, I guess NORAD is nearby. Look, that’s not important right now! We must keep up the panic.

Anyway here is the gist of the theory. The Denver airport is actually the top level of a giant and secret military installation that will be used to imprison those who resist the NWO and to stage military operations in the US. The proof is that the there are tunnels under the airport that will be used for these purposes (the tunnels are actually used to move baggage). Additionally, there are cryptic words like Dzit Dit Gaii embedded in the floor of the airport that are clearly code for the elites (they are Navajo words for places in Colorado). Finally, there are these really freaky murals in the airport that are clearly an allegorical representation about what will happen when the NWO comes (actually it is just crappy, hippy art).

Only someone from Boulder would think this is a good mural for an airport

Anyway, I will let you see the evidence (?) for yourself. Thank God that the global elites don’t know about You Tube or we would all be doomed.


This guy has more of a Christian take on it, but he is way more entertaining than the other nuts. He actually refers to himself as The Third Eagle of The Apocalypse. Now that’s a user name!

Hitler’s Flying Saucers?

The image at the beginning of this article is of a site in Germany known as The Henge (Fly Trap) where a magnetic levitation device – aka flying saucer – known as The Bell was reportedly developed by German scientists in the late 1930’s.

I watched a program the other night which I was surprised to see was not on the SciFi (SyFy) network, but on Canada’s History Television, one part in a series on the subject of extraterrestrials.  What follows is the network’s description of this episode.


Ancient Aliens: Aliens and the Third Reich

If ancient aliens visited Earth in the remote past, could they have given us advanced technology, passed down through human history?And could this technology have helped the Third Reich build mysterious weapons and crafts far beyond the limits of 20th century science?

During World War II, there were reports that the Germans built an operational flying saucer, known as the Hanebu, which was said to use mythical technology found in ancient Indian texts. Another craft was rumored to have been constructed with the help of psychics and mediums who claimed to have received detailed blueprints from extraterrestrial beings.

Is it possible Hitler’s quest for world domination was aided and abetted by ancient extraterrestrial technology that was rediscovered? And could the allegedly rebuilt alien devices developed in Germany have played a role in America’s ability to land a man on the moon?


The program posited that a number of Nazi scientists were recruited by the American government after the fall of the Third Reich. According to the show, these scientists were almost entirely responsible for the technology that resulted in the U.S. space program and putting the first man on the moon, aided in part by alien intelligence which had been passed on to them.  They cited Adolf Hitler’s devotion to occult mysticism as the impetus for the extraterrestrial contact.

The episode ended by purporting that many Nazi officers who disappeared after the fall of Berlin had actually been whisked away in a time machine. As if by means of validation they mentioned that Albert Einstein had deemed time travel to be theoretically possible.

My questions to you interesting – and hopefully interested – folks are such: (1) Why was this on a history channel? and (2) How fine is the line between genius and insanity?