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Could These Be Better Than Prozac?

In a 2002 study done at SUNY Albany, 293 college women answered questionnaires about their sexual histories and took the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), a commonly used criterion for gauging depression symptoms. Women who always had sex with men without using condoms had significantly lower levels of symptoms of depression than those who never or infrequently had unprotected sex, as well as those who abstained from sex entirely. There was no noticeable difference in depression between condom users and people who didn’t have sex, indicating that intercourse itself wasn’t the mood-boosting factor.

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Thor: Young Folk’s Movie Review

Thor, the newest film in what I would like to call The Avengers franchise, certainly does a great job of introducing the Norse god and gets you more than excited about the upcoming Avengers movie. The film certainly dazzles thanks to the visual effects department but in terms of storytelling it seems to thunder through (see what I did there?) most of the important plot points. Continue reading

QOTD: Cats or Dogs?

Well, cats, obviously.

I was always a cat girl. My first cat was a Siamese named Tiger, when I was two years old.

We went to the ASPCA and found another little girl when I was in first grade. I put my finger on the cage, and she wrapped her paw around my little finger. My father was not happy I called her Muffin.  I thought it was a very classy name. Muffin was followed by Crystal:  another name of pure class. Continue reading

Weekend Box Office: Thor Hammers Competition

You know what we don’t get enough of? Movies that smash things. Sure, there are movies that blow things up, movies with car chases, or aliens who demolish cities in their attempts to take over the world, but movies that just out and out smash things with a hammer for nearly two hours… yeah, there’s just not enough of that. And as a society, apparently we clamor for that free feeling that most of us forget after toddler-hood…the ability to destroy with the swing of a hand.

Thor was sent to remind us.

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Fat to Fit: My Guide to Gastric Bypass

Post Surgery
The following is an account of my gastric bypass. It took place almost 3 years ago (June 30th is my Surgiversary). I’m writing this as a guide for people who might be thinking about having the surgery so they have some idea of what they can look forward to. Also, if you have friends or relatives who are considering having the surgery or who have had it, this might help you to help them. Post-surgery support is very important to succeeding in this situation. Part One will cover why I had the surgery and some of the hoops I had to jump through to get there. That bloated sack in the picture is me immediately following the surgery. I weighed 320 pounds on the day of the operation.

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Mother’s Day Gossip of Fabulousness!

Grace Freaking Kelly
Grace Freaking Kelly

Hello, darlings.

You haven’t called. You haven’t written. You’ve run away with the town drunk and a circus trainer, taking my posting privileges with you but it’s fine, really. It’s all right. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t lie awake nights, thinking of how you hurt me. No. Just go on with your lives as if I didn’t matter at all, as if I didn’t even exist.

There, are you happy now?

On that note, here are today’s Mother’s Day themed links. But seriously, if SHE were your mother, would you bring Junot home? Would you DARE??? You break your mother’s heart.

I’d flesh out the links a bit more but the taxi has just pulled up and I’m late for my bridge game. There’s a chicken in the sink defrosting, make sure your sister eats something and doesn’t bring that stoner home again while I’m out. Ta, sweets!

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