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Could Horse Meat Disguised as Beef Be On Its Way to the U.S.?

With the news that the world’s best place to get trapped in a maze full of Swedish furniture constructed with wooden dowels and spirit gum, IKEA has suffered the indignity of having their famous meatballs tainted by horse hide. Oh, the shame of having one’s reheated frozen meatballs accursed by a non-beef product! America immediately wanted to know if their American IKEA Swedish meatballs were safe — well, as safe as a place that puts pink slime in their meat can be. Continue reading

Open Caption Mad Cow Edition

Oh Clarice, will the lambs ever be silent?

I’ve been terribly busy this week but after this Thursday the 22nd I should be able to package up something fresh, antibiotic free and humanely raised in the way of CT articles. Until then I’ll leave you with this image of Presidential Hopeful Michele Bachmann congressing with constituents from within the cooler. I will say it’s very clear that Marcus didn’t choose this outfit for her.

You know the rules for Open Caption, don’t you? There aren’t any! I like my Open Caption like a GOP Candidate: verbose, ridiculous and crazy.  Comment.