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How and Why to Plank for Fitness

plankingI briefly attended a fitness class whose instructor would shout that out. She was a delightful instructor. Positive. Fun. Upbeat. Students loved her. Unfortunately, I took that class when I wasn’t yet ready to give myself a chance. See, I couldn’t get the routine down in 3 classes and I hadn’t lost any weight in that same week, so I gave up on myself and was no longer showing her my plank. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for New York City’s Citi Bike and Starting to Bike in Your City

As someone who has lived in NYC for most of her life, I never ever thought it possible that the city might start becoming friendlier towards bikers, nay, even promoting biking as a viable transportation option.

On May 27th, New York joined the ranks of many other biking cities in the world by initiating the largest bike share program in the nation, Citi Bike. A program which has been highly successful in Montreal, Washington DC, Boston, Melbourne, AU, and other cities with more soon to launch. Finally, this was a totalitarian overreach by Mayor Mike and the powerful bike lobby I could get behind. Or, you know, ride. And, since its inception, the biker population has really exploded, it seems, with Citi Bikers and non – a development I am very happy about if somehow eventually it means less cars. Continue reading

The Only Weight Training Supplements You Need

Have you ever been to a GNC or The Vitamin Store?  It is bewildering the volume and variety of weight training nutritional supplements available.  Ditto if you’ve ever read a fitness or weight training magazine.  Everyone has this product or that product they insist will give you amazing gains, deep cuts, and noticeable results in just (insert unrealistic time frame).

I’m here to tell you that, after 20 years of weight training, I’ve come to a conclusion:  there’s not very much out there that’s worth spending your hard earned money on. The majority of it is just bunk.  Some of it might work, but the effect is so minor as to not be worth it for the amateur weight trainer or fitness enthusiast.  If you were an Olympic athlete competing in events where fractions of a second can mean the difference between a Wheaties contract or four more years of anonymous high altitude training in Denver, then sure, go spend the money on anything that will give you even the slightest edge.  I’m pretty sure Michael Phelps doesn’t have an Intense Debate account, so I’m not going there.

For the rest of us who just want to be a little stronger, a little bigger, maybe a little more lean, here’s the supplements I recommend, because they’ve produced tangible, noticeable results for me. Continue reading

Super Squats Challenge

This week, my Super Squats Challenge to myself was to conquer the jewel of Phoenix, Camelback Mountain. There are two hiking trails – one for the tourists called Cholla, and one for the triumphant called Echo Canyon. I figured that if I were going to do it, be triumphant about it. In truth, the Cholla hike requires more climbing near the summit that my fear of heights prevents me from even considering. Continue reading

Super Squats: The Perfect Machine

“The body is a perfect machine, only limited by the head,” my old high school weightlifting coach used to say. I laugh at it now, but when I was younger I would imagine myself as a Terminator T-800. )Shout out to the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of my first big influences in weight training.)

The deeper I got into lifting, and the more I started seeing results, the more I begin to understand that saying. There are similarities between man and machine. Like most machines the body is made to work, perform and complete tasks — and requires just as much maintenance.  Continue reading

Super Squats Club: Week Three

We’re three weeks, folks!  So how you doing?  Have you been done, lock, and dropping your booty at the gym like you promised?  Do you hate me yet for actually holding your sorry behind accountable?  Not to brag or anything but this week I finished cardio class for the first time, have a cute dimple along the side of my gut,  lost a half inch from my waist, and held a one-legged plank for 30 seconds.  If only I were this good every week! Continue reading

Super Squats Club: Eight Week Challenge

You may have noticed that this is the first time I have done SSC posts on back-to-back weeks, which means that there is something really special in store.

We’re starting an Eight Week Challenge! For the low, low… LOW price of eight overshares, you’ll get a lovely group of drill sergeants, cheerleaders, and shoulders-to-cry-on to carry you to your next fitness goal. Tony Horton has nothing on this deal. COMMIT NOW or forever hold your peace.


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