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Eleven Habits of Highly Imposing Men

This post was contributed by our very special Friend of Crasstalk, Chillbear Latrigue. It originally appeared at wordsmoker.com. Welcome him, Crasstalkers! For those of you not familiar, Wordsmoker was launched (well before this place) by a group of Gawker commenters. They are our allies in the war to win the internet.

Yeah, it’s happened to just about every man. You’re sitting around watching some modern television show like Men of a Certain Age (or something else where feelings are displayed) and you think, “I really hope I don’t act like that.”

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SYTYCD Recap: All-Stars Become Game Changers

It’s All-Star night and we’re excited. We fully expect the dancing to hit all the right high notes now that we’re down to the top ten. It just better deliver because if not, just what the hell will be on the tour? Pretty much nothing in the last few episodes has been worthy. The lackluster-a-tude this season has been a bit shocking. So let’s hope the All-Stars know how to turn it up a few notches.

Who set the stage ablaze?

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SYTYCD Recap: Kisses, Buckness, and other Silly Things

Well, this latest installment was exhausting AND full of sexual harassment. What has gotten into these people? There were wanton kisses and buckness sightings–a real circus. We’d like to never see Nigel and Mary making out again. No, not ever. That was awful. Aside from all the tongue swabbing, there’s a lot of dancing to discuss.

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SYTYCD Recap: A Little Birdy Named Debbie

We’d like to think that there’s no “Wayward Home for Abandoned Dancers” but if there ever had to be one, it quite possibly may be the Hollywood home of a movie icon. There at the WHFAD you’d receive three square meals, tutoring in a private ballroom, and stretch limo chauffeur service with your own personal driver, among other activities. Be sure to read the fine print, kids. Don’t you want to sponsor an Abandoned Dancer today? Call 1-800-REAL-LIFE-HANSEL-GRETEL

Wadi and five others are on the phone lines now. Please call.

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SYTYCD Results Show Recap: Stayin’ Alive

It’s time for our first week of eliminations. Which performances weren’t quite up to snuff? This is going to be a hard decision since this year’s crop of dancers are some of the best we’ve seen. And this week, while some of the performances were a bit lukewarm, the talent of the dancers undoubtedly showed underneath.

We can already tell this season’s results shows will be painful. So let’s get started shall we? Bring the pain.
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