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The OJ Simpson Miniseries

Clear your calendars because The People vs. OJ Simpson miniseries will be premiering on FXNOW tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2nd. Episodes will be available online beginning on February 3rd in case you don’t prioritize appropriately. The network is going for a crime version of American Horror Story. They will cover a real-life crime over ten episodes. This time, we get OJ.  Continue reading

Mad Men Open Thread: Series Finale

Well, here we are. The end of the line. Thank you to everyone who’s commented right along with me since I started doing these open threads. I’ve truly enjoyed your company and insight these last few seasons. I don’t know what my Sunday nights are going to look like without you guys and this show.

I don’t really have much else to say since we didn’t even get those silly cutaways put together and called a “preview.”

For the last time, see you in the comments! Continue reading

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 7, Episode 13

Second to last. What will we do with our Sundays when this is all over? Well, I guess True Detective starts on June 21.

I wonder whose endings we will get to see this week. This week’s episode is called “The Milk and Honey Route.” AMC went ahead and redesigned their website, and now I can’t get the code to post the video of the preview. Ugh, so annoying.

See you in the comments! Continue reading