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Oh No She Di’nt: Grammys Edition

Typically the Grammys are a much more laid back awards atmosphere than the Oscars, so attire standards are much more loose. Doesn’t mean people can’t make a few missteps though. But also, they can knock it out of the park in a different way.

Let’s not limit this post to the fashuns. Please post your favorite and not so favorite performances.

I heard this one was full of the scandal. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 11 Live Blog

project-runway-26Darlings, Richard HallmarQ is gone. Long live Richard HallmarQ. We wept with Layana (aka The Ingenue, and, not really) as she wept about…something. We rejoiced as Patricia (aka Water Lily) finally showed something akin to a personality when she gave Richard some much-needed side-eye.

Stanley (aka Urkel) won a challenge! Good for him! There’s something about him I don’t like, however. Continue reading

The 20 Most Mortifying Parts of Buzz Bissinger’s Insane Leather Fetish Essay

buzz bissingerYesterday we witnessed the greatest piece of journalism in the history of GQ. Friday Night Lights author (and frequent insane sports commenter) Buzz Bissinger gave us a personal essay that was ostensibly about his haute couture shopping addiction and $500,000 Gucci habit. But the piece was really more about Buzz’s description of a midlife crisis that evolved into a bizarre S&M leather fetish. Most men his age just buy a Corvette, but not this guy.

Buzz himself says his downward spiral came about after his three kids went off to college. Since seeing your dad write a six-page exploration of his leather fetish is basically the most embarrassing thing ever, let’s rank the various parts of his essay from least to most mortifying. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 9 Live Blog

project-runway-26Last week, this show was rainin’ men! The Thunder From Down Under, an Aussie male band of stripping brothers, showed up to have the remaining designers make some tear-away looks for them.

Children, the resulting looks were HOT MESSES, but no one was paying attention, as we were all ogling the man flesh parading around in front of us. I think someone got sent home, but for the life of me, I can’t remember who. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 7 Live Blog

project-runway-26Hey, everybody! Last week, we bid adieu to Benjamin the Australian, or, as was fondly known around here, the Albino Cereal Killer. Aw. Sadness.

Anyway, tonight, the remaining designers must design prom wear. With duct tape. DUCT TAPE. Not only do we have a challenge in which the designers must design for–gasp!–real humans, they must use an unconventional material!

The horror. Continue reading

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 6 Live Blog

project-runway-26Hello, fashion mavens! It’s again time for another installment of Needle and Thread: Fashion Victims Unit! But first, last week’s episode served up sadness in the form of a “let’s design for a country singer!” challenge. We also learned that New York City as a living, breathing entity has absolutely NO idea what passes for “country,” so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that all the designers heard “country” and “rock and roll” and thought that meant “shiny, short, leather, and more shiny!” Also, the designers didn’t realize (or didn’t care to remember) that Miranda Lambert is not a size -143, but is, in fact, in possession of breasts. Nevertheless, Richard HallmarK (that ‘Q’ ain’t fooling anybody) won, and poor, sad, boring gay Michael–oops, sorry, Matthew was booted. Continue reading

Project Runway All-Stars Season 2 Finale Liveblog

project-runway-all-stars-1 Oh, thank the baby Jesus, this is almost over!

Last week, the Final Four took a thirty minute trip to France, had to sit on the back row at some dull couture event, buy a lot of fabric and make sure they didn’t miss the red eye back to NYC in order to design a couture outfit. The results were…less than inspiring. The judges wisely decided that Joshua needed to be sent packing, leaving Emilio, Anthony Ryan, and Uli as the final three. Tonight, it all ends before Project Runway: Teams debuts. Continue reading