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Gins You Should Drink


Gin is an interesting spirit in that there are people that love it (cough, cough Ofkie) and those who have had a bad experience with it. Despite having a few gangry moments (gin + angry = gangry), I do love gin. Since Saturday is World Gin Day and I spent the better part of Thursday writing gin tasting notes. Here are a couple of my favorite gins that should be readily available in most areas in the US. Continue reading

Recipe Sunday: Strawberry Basil Martini

Summer is officially here, and one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right summer cocktail: crisp, refreshing, and fruity without being too sweet. My new obsession is St. Germain, the french elderberry liqueur that seems to be all the rage lately. After trying out a few different recipes, I settled on this concoction. The gin helps balance out some sweetness and the sparkling water gives it just a bit of fizz. Continue reading

Eleven Habits of Highly Imposing Men

This post was contributed by our very special Friend of Crasstalk, Chillbear Latrigue. It originally appeared at wordsmoker.com. Welcome him, Crasstalkers! For those of you not familiar, Wordsmoker was launched (well before this place) by a group of Gawker commenters. They are our allies in the war to win the internet.

Yeah, it’s happened to just about every man. You’re sitting around watching some modern television show like Men of a Certain Age (or something else where feelings are displayed) and you think, “I really hope I don’t act like that.”

But we both know you do. And you know what? Your friends do too. Our whole fucking country does. Continue reading

Seven Best Hangover Foods

The pounding headache, the stomach full of bile. The sweats, the farts, the poops. All across the world, Saturday morning comes and the cry of “Never again!” shouts from bathroom stalls everywhere as we hug our toilets, retching out another successful night.

Well, most of us don’t drink until we puke every weekend, so what’s the next best thing after getting rid of all the alcohol you put in your stomach? Putting greasy food in there to counteract the hours-old fermented beer! Sometimes this works to your advantage and you feel like a million bucks, and other times, well – see the first paragraph. It was going to happen anyway, so might as well have some substance to the puke, right? Continue reading

Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Liquor?

It’s Friday, so let’s talk about highly relevant subjects.

We all have a favorite liquor. There’s always that one liquor that we consider an old, reliable friend. That one friend who’s always there for you in times of trouble such as when your hound dog died, your woman left you or when you first found out that Charles In Charge didn’t get renewed for another season.

What’s your favorite type of liquor?

I’ve always wanted to be a suave, debonair Latin playboy who smokes cigars and wears those Cuban shirts with the four pockets on the front. Seriously, Cubans. FOUR FUCKING POCKETS. You are geniuses.

Anyway, I personally love rum. Rum comes from distilled sugar cane and it makes you feel like a pirate who ARGH can do what you want, plunder whatever booty is nearby and possibly end the night with a Spanish doubloon stuck between your ass cheeks. Fun times.

Quick tip: If you can find it, I highly recommend the El Dorado line of rums from Guyana. They’re made with demarara sugar and have a great, carmely flavor that is perfect with a bit of Coke and some fresh lime.

So what’s your lubricant?


Let’s Celebrate the Anniversary of the 21st Amendment

Unless you have put up ad blocker or some such thing while perusing Crasstalk, you have obviously seen the following ad:


I had to postpone the tasting due to a funeral, but we now have a date: Thursday, April 7th at 8pm sharp — East Coast time natch. It is a fitting day because on April 7, 1933: Prohibition ended as Utah becomes 38th state to ratify the 21st  Amendment. Come celebrate this glorious event with a toast. You will need to purchase the wine today or tomorrow in order to participate.

Click here to read which wines were are tasting and the specifics of the program. Two key things to remember:

– Order from WineDreamer.com

– Use coupon code FEEDTHEBADGER to get 10% discount and 10% to support this website

– No code=no discount and no money for Crasstalk

Just to keep it fun, I’m also going to ask those that participate to buy the best bottle of White Zinfandel they can get their paws on as a ‘control wine’ by which we will judge all other wines we taste.   I’m personally going to go for the box of Franzia.

box wine

Arken, are you in?